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I stumbled upon this site and this side of the [...]

St. George, Utah
via Prepare For Change
I stumbled upon this site and this side of the web perhaps by chance, but I believe there is a reason behind everything. I have been trying to educate myself about many different things concerning the "self" and concerning this world. I have come to realize that I find it difficult to trust certain things, I'm sure that it is due to all the lies we have been told throughout the years. Since young I closed myself off and only showed a "persona" that would fit in with those around me, doing that for so long I forgot how to let the real "me" show. I once got asked "What makes you happy?" I didn't gave an answer because I have forgotten what it was like to be happy. What I'm trying to get at is that due to a lot of things my mentality has drastically changed. My beliefs are somewhat out of the "norm" and because of this it has been a challenge finding people who are genuine and not just out for their own benefit and opening up. I guess I just want to find someone at the same or higher level as myself to simply converse. Is this the right place to post these kinds of things?
J Derrell
Absolutely, this is the right place. I also believe that the world is plagued by unhappiness and a sense of unfulfilled expectations. It's time we all come together in mutual appreciation of what we have learned and are learning. Welcome to a better way of living and thinking, Oz.
Sunday 1 April 2018, 17:55:16
J Derrell
Also, a good place to stay connected is through the site.
Sunday 1 April 2018, 17:56:42
Oz F
Thanks for the reply, it makes me glad to find some like-minded people. I will check out that site, thanks!
Monday 2 April 2018, 15:30:07
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