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Maybe we don't have to reinvent the wheel so to [...]

Spring City, Tennessee
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Maybe we don't have to reinvent the wheel so to speak in the US for a political party that matches up with the Ubuntu philosophy. How about the US Green Party? If Ubuntu members combined with an establishing party, we can provide influence and combine forces. What are your thoughts?
[deleted user]
I'm on board! The reality show circus we have going with the current candidates is humiliatingly embarrassing to say the least.
Thursday 10 March 2016, 18:25:52
I know right. I kind of like Bernie but he is a small fish in a shark tank. The Green Party presidential candidate is Jill Stein. I say we build our own world and leave the crazies behind to catch up. They shouldn't be able to control us like slaves, make money off everyone else, and leave people to starve or die off. This is what I want: Full Disclosure of ET technology now and The People taking control of our own health, education, financial system, housing, ect. We don't need the "Leaders" as they are today to speak for us anymore. I would like to move forward and cut them out completely.
Thursday 10 March 2016, 18:31:13
[deleted user]
Full disclosure will happen. I think the time is now to take our power back, right now we can start doing little things; grow your own foods, start making things with our own hands, get back to basics & sharing your findings so others can learn and do for themselves. Knowledge is power and it's also energy/food for us. If the bag guys are sustained and nourished by our fear/anger, then we take it away from them the more we educate ourselves and cut those ties. Starve the beast. Knowledge converts to energy converts to more light coming in, more DNA strands activated - Pineal activity and so on. An awakened populace terrifies them but this is the way we are going. The pendulum has swung far enough and is beginning its swing back. It's the law. We should start a talk show! lols!
Thursday 10 March 2016, 20:28:59
:0). It's all good. Other people are thinking the same way we are, and it is good to get our ideas out there in the world. I think you are spot on about us moving forward. When I deal with children's behavior, I give attention and praise only to positive behavior and make every attempt to ignore the bad behavior.
Thursday 10 March 2016, 23:04:07
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