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I'm feeling different today, you too 😊? "The eclipse energies are [...]

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hessen
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I'm feeling different today, you too 😊?

"The eclipse energies are already upon us and many are feeling the deep issues it is intended to bring forth. The core issues are coming up for us to look and work through on a deeper level. The thoughts can seem to bubble out of nowhere and rock you to your core. We process this moment by moment, going to where it started and rewriting the programming.

I was working with my guides this morning and they showed me myself on a small boat, it seemed to be adrift but upon closer examination there was a rope attaching me to the shore that was almost completely out of sight. They explained that I was still holding on to patterns and thoughts that keep me tethered and I watched myself cut the rope and set myself free.

They explained that what it comes down to is TRUST. That many of us are still holding on to doubt and fear about this process. It’s understandable as so few feel the way we do or experience the world as we do, it has created many layers that we must go through as we merge with our highest aspect. Part of the confusion is that the human within us wants this process to be fast, but it’s not. We move up the frequency ladder in steps towards our highest self as our highest aspect comes down to meet us. Nothing is instant. Once we merge with our higher self we then open up to merge with more of our soul and again this is in layers. We have to trust that all is happening as it should and not allow doubt (ego) to diminish the progress you have made. Take a moment and really see yourself and the changes you have made. Look at the changes in thought patterns and your reactions. Give yourself a pat on the back and trust that it’s all in perfect order."
noe joe
The incoming energies of march eclipses are all about trust and feeling self empowerment again. Let's celebrate this time together!
Thursday 10 March 2016, 07:50:08
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