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Anyone here that can tell me their experience with the [...]

Norman, Oklahoma
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Anyone here that can tell me their experience with the cintamani stone?
No experience with the cintamani yet, but I can tell you about my experience with moldavite and other powerful crystals, in person too, considering how close we live to one another. Don't want to give the impression that i'm creepin' if I haven't already, but man, in case you don't know there are so many good reasons for people who are in proximity of one another that know about the potentials of the shift happening in a manner which PFC describes to get to know one another now and perhaps gameplan to make for an easier transition. I've been aware of this site for awhile, about since it popped up in 2013 and I've been slow to setup a profile here, clearly. Anyways, finally pulled the trigger now that the ball looks close to finally rolling big time. The time is so close for the actual manifestation of external change (internal change results in the external of course) that its becoming increasingly pertinent to start laying a foundation if possible and that could simply be discussing ideas with like minded folk, because most cringe or scoff at anything pertaining to this, But we're all one, no judgement whatsoever. Namaste!
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 06:06:29
josh b
i completely agree
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 06:10:35
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