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"Progress of human civilization in the area of defining human [...]

Norman, Oklahoma
via The Full Circle Project
"Progress of human civilization in the area of defining human freedom is not made from the top down. No king, no government, and no parliament ever extended to the people more rights than the people insisted upon...." ~ Terence Mckenna

Philosopher Terence Mckenna represents a unique and potent facet of the warrior spirit. His ruthless call-it-like-it-is mentality stands as a great example of just how powerful Dialogue is when facing the problems of our time.

Today I've seen several posts about individuals who boldly expressed their truth, and through these examples, my faith in the word has been rekindled. So now I proclaim:
Whatever your use of language- be it spoken word, written word, music, image, governance, data, dance, cuisine, idea, love making, channeling, or laughter yoga-- be impeccable with your expressions and let your language embody the divine blueprint of the fierce joy that is burning in your heart. Bring that sacred flame roaring up through your Root and let it burst like a spiral geyser our from your Throat!
Shanti Om~~ Bright blessings kin
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