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A unique immersive experience into the lives of farmed animals It`s no [...]

via The Full Circle Project
A unique immersive experience
into the lives of farmed animals
It`s no joke to be born a pig
This short 360 degree film is from a pigs perspective
Lorraine H
Thanks for sharing, Thanks to this You Tube video from Gary Yourofaky my children and I are trying our best to become vegans. He has open our eyes so much. This video is about a hour and ten minuets long but well worth the watch. Enjoy
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 20:32:55
Æcho See
Thanks for sharing. It's important to be aware of animal agriculture, and to make the obvious choice of abstaining from such cruelty, as difficult as it may be with the looming pressures of society... I've been vegan for 9 months now, and I must say- it's been my most formative positive life change. I'm happier, healthier, kinder, and most importantly: more conscious. Changing my diet and daily lifestyle has been a massive contributing factor in de-programming myself from the toxic lies of common culture, and has rippled positive waves of awareness into every aspect of my life and identity. Shanti <3
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 21:44:36
Æcho See
Gary Yourofsky's speech is what made me decide to go vegan actually I admire how he relates the atrocities of animal agriculture to all other forms of discrimination. I don't agree with everything he says however. Copying his arguments to others generally gives the impression of fanaticism
. Especially concerning is his self-proclaimed misanthropy towards the human race, although I understand the view, I feel that compassion and forgiveness should be infinitely extended to all living creatures.
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 22:13:10
Lorraine H
@ /Echo See, Gary Yourofsky's speech has made it easier for my children to understand why I want to change how we eat. It isn't easy especially growing up consuming meat all my life. I like how Gary states,, "don't eat meat because it's not healthy for you, that would be selfish, don't eat meat because it's unhuman to do so/not right to kill theses beings who has done nothing to us and can't even defend themselves". That statement is so true.
Nice to know he has affected your life as well.
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 22:49:18
Æcho See
Yes it is quite true. It saddens me how nearly every attempt at counter-arguing veganism that I encounter is one of these selfish reasonings like "but how will I get protein, calcium, B vitamins, ect." and "oh I just can't, its not for me, I love the taste, its conveniant" and other selfish nonsense. :/ Personally, once I was made aware of the harm that eating animal products causes, I wouldn't care if I had to malnourish myself or go to great lengths to have my daily bread-- I would still abstain from animal products because it's cruel, unsustainable, and I'm against all acts of discrimination. Period. Now, sure it takes a lot of guts and dignity to stand up in this way, although we should be willing to do so at a moments notice no matter the cause. Like that amazing woman who stood up to Malcom Turnbull! If she even made one excuse, she wouldn't have proved such a good point. That is the warrior spirit: to face the darkness with courage and to bear the torch of enlightened justice. Shanti Om <3
Thursday 10 March 2016, 01:34:13
[deleted user]
I connect with animals much stronger and easier now since becoming vegan. Sounds funny but i feel "they know" I dont eat them. They come much closer to me now and look into my eyes. They know
Thursday 10 March 2016, 01:38:49
Æcho See
I have observed the same along my journey T. Perhaps they sense safety. It is similar with children, they more easily open up & intuitively flock to the emotional energetic frequencies of peace.
Thursday 10 March 2016, 01:59:58
Thursday 10 March 2016, 05:12:08
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