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Why I DON'T Teach: I am an art certified educator in [...]

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Why I DON'T Teach:

I am an art certified educator in two states, and have ample knowledge of what children NEED to learn. I LOVE teaching children. I love leading them to the questions, encouraging inquiry, learning from multiple perspectives, across disciplines, and offering students the keys to life-long learning.

What I look like, nor my grades from my undergrad program, nor my student teaching performance have any bearing on what I know NOW. I have tattoos I will not cover, body piercings I will not remove. I don't wear dockers, button shirts, and ties. The most I wear IN winter on my feet is sandals. I am a sovereign being on a planet, and so is every child in every classroom that we teach.

Teaching our children to comply to a dress code or ANYTHING else, when it says nothing of an individual's skill sets, experience, or inherent value is wrong. Passing down the status quo blindly is wrong. Not implementing the RESEARCH in education until 30 or 40 years later (Howard Gardner's implications mean that a dancer should have most of her school career graded on his dancing progress, musicians on their playing and composition skills, artists on their techniques and productions...) ANY student without excellent language AND math skills is currently left behind.

In short, TEACHING as a profession, is a misnomer. We are involved in limiting, crippling, and dumbing down our future generations, whilst being expected to pick up where absent parents fall short, and receiving little support from administrators from our school level on up to the Sec. of Education. We are underpaid, overworked, and piled in such a heap of record-keeping and paperwork so as to be rendered nearly useless to the children we are SUPPOSED to teach enough skills and knowledge so they might THRIVE (not merely survive) in their lives by the end of high school.

We even PUSH further debt-slavery on our students. I have $120k in student loans now. Without a career in "teaching," I refuse to pay it back.

THIS is why some of the most intelligent, well-rounded, awake, aware beings who COULD teach truth, real world knowledge, and valuable skills for life DON'T.

Our system of education does not serve the needs of our future generations. What is left out of our public education is what left us with such a politically ignorant, consumeristic, and self-centered adult population.

Now, we have a puppet government, run by an economy of profit at any cost.

How will we change our education system when it doesn't mean more profit, but the end of the current political system. Properly educated beings cannot be herded into the limitations we are offered as our options.

If someone runs a school that likes what I AM, feel free to contact me. My profile on here is an open book of my life and authentic representation of EVERY aspect of who I AM.

Matthew J. Ricketts
acarya π
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