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Hi guys, so glad to be here! I learn about [...]

Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng
via Ubuntu Planet
Hi guys, so glad to be here! I learn about this site from cosmic disclosure, and found the concept very attractive. Personally i have been proposing the general eco community to native people in my region, working on popularizing natural building like cobs for commercial. it's not so successful till this year we do have a big chance to get into peactice, and if we make it we'll do ubuntu in our own neighborhood. we have plan to make some profits by doing cultural & creative studio, organic farming and selling green products so that everyone in the village contributes and benefits. we will be competitive to any those in the market, and we will make this worth!!! nice to meet u all ^^
Piero Pioneer of the Future
nice project...wish you all the best...
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 20:06:13
thanks dude, appreciate
Friday 11 March 2016, 08:31:56
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