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I believe "The Time" is very close upon us. [...]

Twin Waters, Queensland
via Prepare For Change
I believe "The Time" is very close upon us. Is anyone else feeling this?
Hi there dear CK! Actually I am experiencing the TIME IS NOW and I'll bet so are you. The Change might not look like what you think it looks like. It might look like THIS, like what we see. Ever seen a planet waking up? We are watching one. Most important, though, I feel, is that the change begins inside us, if we truly wish to infuse energy into the planetary change. All of this is, you know, happening so that we can grow in consciousness. The whole drama. I'll bet you are connecting to your Spirit. I'll bet you are learning to love yourself, thus overcoming and transforming thousands of years of human conditioning. Great, fabulous work! Me, too! Let us not underestimate the power of what we are doing, even if the results are unseen and felt so far only within ourselves and in those who are lucky enough to encounter us in our daily lives in the world. We are doing great! Thank you and bless you for your work.
Monday 7 March 2016, 20:19:03
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