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Wise ones Full Circle Project! I am new to this [...]

Norman, Oklahoma
via The Full Circle Project
Wise ones Full Circle Project! I am new to this network and would like to reach out and introduce myself. I look forward to getting to know and resonate with some wise, kind, and visionary individuals.

My name is Æcho, I am a 19yr old human (surprise!) who is currently playing the part of a spiritually becoming contemporary music business student.
I am inspired to be a game-changer in this wild and pivotal time in human history.
At the moment my life passion is to fuse archaic, nature-based, & spiritual traditions with futuristic & innovative technologies that may benefit society.
As a hobby I create sacred music. I also like to discover, and hopefully in the future develop, immersive methods of experiencing visionary art.
At the same time, I feel quite compelled to think in more immediate terms with my contribution to the united global community, as it is becoming evident that time is no longer a leisure nor luxury that we have. In other words, I have big ideas but want to get involved now!

Feel free to comment some about who you are, leave questions, or tell impressions below! I'd love to get to know those involved with the Full Circle Project.

Brightest Blessings All ~ In'Lakesh
Go you good thing Echo . I believe music is the province of everyone bring it back to the people not reserved for just the experts. And not at 440 hertz. Use 432 hertz
Sunday 6 March 2016, 01:33:48
Æcho See
Thanks Carey, well agreed. I also feel that Music and visionary story-telling is important and nourishes the soul.
Yes I always produce and listen to music in harmonic 432 hz
Sunday 6 March 2016, 01:43:07
tony a
Hi Echo, Nice to see that you are working to become aware and to put your energy into something worthwhile. I myself write and produce Dub Reggae with an Urban slant - Urban Roots is the name that I have called this genre. My new album is "Freedom is Dead - Long Live Freedom" by 'Prisoners of Democracy' and it just needs mastering before I release it. I'm also a writer and researcher with a slightly different angle than most and am having a book edited then I will self publish it.
Sunday 6 March 2016, 06:37:01
Martha Chamberlain
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Shamanic Engineering.…
Sunday 6 March 2016, 14:52:40
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