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What can I do in QLD Australia too help? [...]

Maryborough, Queensland
via Ubuntu Planet
What can I do in QLD Australia too help?
What you can do to help is contact Branwen Morgan. Words from Michael Tellinger - I am happy to announce the official launch of UBUNTU Party Australia.
Well done Branwen Morgan for getting the UBUNTU Party Australia website launched today – I honour you for your commitment and persistence in getting this completed and off the ground.
Please join Branwen on the UBUNTU Planet Global Connector now to start interacting and sharing in Australia and other UBUNTU members around the world.

Branwen can be contacted on [email protected]
This is the start of a new era of awakening consciousness and empowerment for the people, who are becoming free by working together in communities to end the enslavement by the global banking system. Together we are strong, locally, nationally & internationally. For the people, by the people.
Sunday 6 March 2016, 00:36:55
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