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Apparently all the nastiness and eugenics began back in our [...]

Valdora, Queensland
via FCP - Australia - Coolum - Sunshine Coast
Apparently all the nastiness and eugenics began back in our great grandfathers time when Charles Darwin classified 57 races, the WORST of which was the irish apparently...and the intelligencia became fearful of the wild and dangerous masses whose imaginations could become a threat to the civilized world, and capitalism, as imaginative people are not keen to work in factories, and so the brilliant minds of our grandfathers time were sent to the one school where they could obtain a Phd based on the Prussian School of education that was designed to sterilize our minds, strip our of imaginations and produce mindless worker bees. These Phd.s then became the head of all our great universities with the exception of one school, where the idea of a class race war was perpetuated, and ideas like eugenics were thought of as being kind, noble and wise ways to solve the problem that is us.…
I have Irish background. No wonder I hate eugenics
Sunday 6 March 2016, 01:13:15
hahaha me too!
Sunday 6 March 2016, 19:35:28
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