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I have been looking for a mission to be a [...]

North Bondi, New South Wales
via Ubuntu Planet
I have been looking for a mission to be a part of for a while now. I am very impressed by this site.

As most of us here can finish our own sentences. We are born into a Corporate Facist Concentration Camp, we are marked by needles, Immune Systems comprimisd, Pineal Gland short circuited,Mind scrambled, Heart burdened by the effects of War and Injustices against Humanity, and given Rules to play by in this Fictious Circus we call a Democracy. Add Debt Slavery and Cult Consciousness wanting to stay imprisoned through Stockholm Syndrome. Why??????

Well the reason why is because the Dark force or whatever name suits, has been thretened by our Collective Light. A Dream held by one, is just a Dream. A Deam held by many becomes a Reality. Ubuntu is the Collective Dream I feel!

WE are all Alive and Well. The Corporate Structure handed us Birth Certificates which are really Death Certificates. So when you see your name on paper from a Govt. or Utility Bill in CAPITAL LETTERS, this is your Tomb Stone, they are writing to a Dead person, yes this name or ID is your Straw Man. Your Birth Certificate has never had a Birth day, so whenever you were born and signed away to the State as a Slave by your parents via the Birth Register (Remember that to Register is to OWN, yep you were signed away by your parents to the State as Chattel or Goods/Slave, actulally a Slave has more rights than Chattel/Cattle)

Anyway as fun as this is, we cannot represent ourselves in a Court of their Law, because this is frowned apon, WHY? Beacuse your ID says or Birth Certificate age is 3 months old or whatever, so to stand before a Judge you are seen as an Infant of the State, a Thing or Monster (defintion of a Human in Blacks Law), so you can see how things have been staked against us, a very dark game, but a game nun the less, so why not PLAY

So how do you play, knowledge is KING. How to apply that Wisdom is Vital. Thank you Michael Tellinger for practising Fearlessness, this is infectious and I am now revitalized by your Spirit, Thank you.

Remember there are 2 Dictionaries, the Scrabble one for us to play with and the Blacks Law for the Private Bar Guild to Enslave Us. Be mindful of the words you speak, as you will be held accountable for those words. We are Divine Spirit and Eternal, we are Not pieces of paper with a Fictious Corporate ID used to be traded upon without our Knowledge or Permission.
The Crimes against Humanity and their Minions are huge, however we must Forgive and Learn from this period,

I personally have beened pained by my own family, and I have taken a lifetime to heal this pain and try to forgive them, however I do know the Truth, if I cannot forgive Myself or others as an Individual, just how then are we as a Collective going to Forgive others who have wronged others through implementing Pain and Suffering to others. Its not easy.

Time to Heal, Forgive so our Energy can be for Co Creating a Heaven on Earth, learning through Joy and Laughter, rather than through the old outdated Suffering and Pain. We dont need to be afraid anymore, we can accept our God/Goddess within and Be Love.
Scott k
I think your post is very well put.
Sunday 6 March 2016, 00:35:37
some very powerful words.
Sunday 6 March 2016, 02:42:15
thank you! powerful! to know is to have Knowledge and these words are the words of LOVE!
Monday 7 March 2016, 12:25:08
Hey Jamie, met you at the FCP meet recently. Thanks ,I decided to join. I'm into gardening but I'm in the inner west . Is there any Ubuntu meets planned for Sydney? I have a friend interested too. Anyhow check out this idea called Freedom Cells cheers…
Tuesday 19 April 2016, 17:46:56
Hey, thank you for your message, I can't remember your first name , sorry. Freedom cells sounds like what Ubuntu site is going to become, things can take time or they can take off like a rocket. Stay posted on this site and meetings will be notified .
Wednesday 20 April 2016, 22:03:36
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