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On Saturday 9 April, Michael Tellinger will be in the [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
via The Full Circle Project
On Saturday 9 April, Michael Tellinger will be in the UK for a one day Ubuntu Workshop in London. These workshops are aimed at everyone who resonates with the Ubuntu message and want to learn more about Ubuntu and our plan of action to create abundance and prosperity for all.…
And in Ireland on 7th April:…
Michael also in Marbella. Spain on April 5th. Registrar attendance here :…
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 23:10:24
Off the top of my head, here is what I know about Pakistan's nukes:

1. They are crappy, by far the lowest quality in the world.
2. They have a lot of them.
India has better nuclear weapons than Pakistan. Pakistan is the champion of the sub kiloton use lots of fuel dog pile. Paki nukes will pollute a LOT while booming little.
If the Sauds went to Pakistan to get their nukes, they were desperate and no one else would sell them.
Saudi Arabia, has, thanks to America, the ability to use aircraft to deliver the nukes. And I believe they will use them. This is BAD NEWS, SO BAD THAT I THINK IT WAS DONE TO BURY A STOLEN ELECTION. FOLKS, THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN, AS PROVEN BY VOTERS IN TEXAS WHO SAW THEIR VOTES GET FLIPPED RIGHT ON SCREEN.
What better way could there be to bury this than a really spooky nuke tale? One that happens to be very probably true?
The delegates have not been tabulated yet, because the vote counters are still working hard to determine exactly how much B.S. the public can eat.
Friday 4 March 2016, 10:03:02
thanks so much for posting this! I was searching for the info on this event and couldn't find it. You're a star! Is this the event that James Swagger is organising/involved in or is that another event more about megaliths and stuff?
Wednesday 9 March 2016, 10:59:06
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