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Thank you Michael. After watching your series on the [...]

Runcorn, Queensland
via Ubuntu Planet
Thank you Michael. After watching your series on the Pyramid Codes, there was confirmation for me in years of reading; years of knowing that there was truth in Z Sitchin's works. After reading Erich Von Daniikens work many years ago, I was inspired to see the Nazca Lines; Incan sites; Easter Island and other sacred sites.
As an artist, author; I have had the opportunity to put much of this into art exhibitions and writings. It was wonderful to hear you speak of the connection across all modalities; all areas of life. I have always felt; and confirmed after study in Reiki; Sound Healing; now Animal Communication; that all is connected; all ties in and as an artist, the resonance of the painted image as well. For years I have felt as an outsider as a teacher in mainstream education; baulking at what the curriculums teach; trying to plant a seed in student's minds to 'See the connectedness in all!'
Thank you,
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