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Why do the people closest to me call me crazy? [...]

Hanford, California
via The Full Circle Project
Why do the people closest to me call me crazy? Do my new views scare them? it hurts to be called crazy be loved ones
[deleted user]
When people tell me im nuts, I just remind them that they arent the authority on crazy and therefore arent qualified to diagnose me as such. Ha ha
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 03:18:16
John B
would you mind telling us what your 'new views' are? there are so many psy-ops and misinformation in the alternative movement these days; if you've been sharing one of these psy-ops with loved ones, it makes sense. stick to the issue that matters. The core of the issue is the fact that major corporations and banks are trying to enslave our race and destroy our ecosystem. this is the core, and its self evident.
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 04:41:48
thanks for the support everyone. What i was telling my family about was the effects of televisions on them. I walked into the living room and saw how mindless they were. They took it like a personal attack. Its not the only topic i have brought up. I also called into question the news on television how its propaganda, and to researcher alternative news.. But i was laughed at and called crazy
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 06:16:34
My family trust these robots on television more then there own blood
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 06:18:48
@John B Right on brother, wisely put! @Star_Killer May your sought blessings find you Star.
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 06:24:48
Lorraine H
Don't pay the crazy name calling no mind, as long as you know you ain't crazy. I understand where you coming from when you talk about TV. I recently moved and when I called the cable company and informed them I only wanted internet, I was told how I would save money if I got all three services. I refused and was asked why?. I replied, because it DUMs you down :). In the beginning it was hard but I am now use to it. If I find myself board I listen to music. Oh how I love music :)
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 15:35:26
I would rather be branded crazy than normal any day normal means something like to conform to a social standard if people think what is going on , on this planet is normal then I will take crazy all day long my freind
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 16:05:21
Lorraine H
@ Jason if you put it like that, I must be insanely crazy and proud of it. :)
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 17:44:55
I am without doubt nuttier than squirrel turd lorraine but I would hate more than that to be this insane thing called normal if this is what we see in the world not for me thankyou keep your normality
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 18:23:32
Lorraine H
@ Jason I feel you
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 18:26:14
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 18:29:33
John B
Just show your family love. Show them reality. might I suggest simply sharing this with them. Thank you TiedyedRancidshirt on here for sharing this yesterday. This is powerful, matrix-shattering music.…
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 18:42:06
Glad I stuck with it, The Message..
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 21:24:54
Lorraine H
liked the video, it makes lots of sense, Thanks
Wednesday 2 March 2016, 22:58:56
@john B thanks so much for the video! And to all others i wont pay too much mind to the crazy label. ALl just keep on loving, i wont change myself. i am so glad i found this project and only thing i find better are the people here..
Thursday 3 March 2016, 04:48:50
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