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I am struggling with a chronic disease MS & my [...]

Richmond, British Columbia
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I am struggling with a chronic disease MS & my life has taken a drastric change for the worse. I have spent the last 8 years pretty well fighting this & my other chronic disease Degenerate Disc Disease & am currently bed bound if im not in the hospital which is lots
Please send ur healing light to help me i just want my life back.
Thank you & namaste ❤
Thank u so much Ann i
Saturday 5 March 2016, 19:46:20
Saturday 5 March 2016, 19:46:24
Can feel ur loving light & energy thank u for focusing & reaching out for me. I really appreciate it. Im going to send some of my focus back to you. Peace love & happiness Karen xoxo
Saturday 5 March 2016, 19:49:37
Thank you so much for the tip ill check her out a really good move to watch is "What the Bleep Do We Know Down the Rabbit Hole " u can also find clips on youtube the water experiment is fasinating.
Monday 7 March 2016, 21:48:39
Research the CAFL and In the mean time - I am attaching the url for a utube video for you and others in your area. I'm in the Vernon area.…
Thursday 21 July 2016, 01:06:41
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