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My Ah Crap Moment of The Day - No Kidding On [...]

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My Ah Crap Moment of The Day - No Kidding

On my way back from a hard 'slave labour' day at work I stopped off for some groceries at my local supermarket. Nothing unusual on any given 'slave' work day

However today was different. I loaded all my beer, wine, vodka, whisky sorry the fresh tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, bread etc onto the counter and the nice lady scanned everything and I packed all that heavy stuff in a naffin 'BAG FOR LIFE' (More like use once). I know what your thinking but it ain't that.

Now on any given day there is nothing unusual at all about this but but I handed a 20 pound note over after faintly hearing 'that will be 13 pounds and 34 pence please' but ears pricked up when and clearly heard 'that will be 6 pounds and 66 pence change.' Ah crap I thought. And drove very carefully (alert) home.

And the moral of the story is my goods arrived safely to their port of call. CHEERS Here's to another day on the grindstone tomorrow.

Crap I know but surely worth a post.
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