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Hello. I've been away for a very long time, but [...]

Commerce City, Colorado
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Hello. I've been away for a very long time, but I've been keeping in tune with Max, and he reminded me why I joined this site in the first place.
Things are getting more and more precarious, and I'm at that place where seeking out my fellows who really know what the hell is going on has become quite important to me. So if anybody wants to chat, here I am...
Well! You've come back to the right place because there is nothing out on the Internet better than this site IMO. There are many members on here who will chat with you, so fire away with your questions, your thoughts, seen this video before anyone - it's good etc. Best bet for now always use the main COLLABORATE button on top.
Tuesday 30 January 2018, 16:34:44
Joe Sef
Thanks my man! I'm looking forward to all of it. Thanks for your positive reply!!!
Wednesday 31 January 2018, 07:42:52
Hi Joe .. welcome back whats going on in your neck of the woods? Was speaking with Max just yesterday and he was telling me a tale or two about Aus tightening up. What are you seeing? Anyone around you of similar vibe?
Wednesday 31 January 2018, 10:37:48
Joe Sef
Hi Lula. Things in my neck of the woods are good. I mean I had to attend a Rosary this evening for an old acquaintance, but the vibe here just east of the Rocky Mountains is pretty good. I don't know what you mean by 'tightening' up, but if it's what I think, there's none of that going on here. Hope you are well!!!
Thursday 1 February 2018, 04:42:28
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