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As we can see, there are many things coming into [...]

Burlington, Ontario
via ESG - Canada - Ontario - Burlington
As we can see, there are many things coming into perspective right now on this planet. We see the corrupt cabal henchman Hillary Clinton rigging the primary election from Bernie sanders. We see more and more soft disclosure articles coming out. Some examples are the Apollo 10 music recordings from the dark side of the moon, more confirmation that the KIC star the Kepler telescope picked up is most likely inhabited by advanced ETs, the UK saying that a top US Navy official is soon to announce many revelations regarding his experiences with ufos an aleins, and the new xfiles series basically telling the world about 80% of te truth about our current situation. There are many more, but those are just a few examples. We are seeing te slow beginnings of the biggest shift in human history. Keep holding the Light family! Thanks to all who have joined the burlington ESG, I will be putting together meet ups in the spring
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