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[Cobra] 2016-02-18: Important Situation Update Below is a major update from [...]

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[Cobra] 2016-02-18: Important Situation Update

Below is a major update from Cobra that just release yesterday.

It is good to hear that breakthroughs have occurred in clearing of plasma strangelet bombs. This also lead to further advancement of the Light Forces on both physical and non-physical fronts.

However, one thing I am disappointed is that some people are still complaining about the "no apparent progress" and "why The Event still have not happened yet". Here I would like to say that this is a true star wars happening in our plain sight. The Light Forces are doing everything they can do speed up the process, while the Cabal and Chimera are trying to delay it as much as possible with the help of strangelet bombs and other various measures. One thing we can see is that the Dark Forces are very real and they are not dead (although they may be arrogant...). They are trying to counter as much actions from the Light Forces as possible. Just like in any war situation, one can never be sure when they will win even though the tactic is spot on.

So I would strongly recommend everyone to do whatever they can do help speed up the process and raise our vibrations as well as awareness. A few examples are:

- participate in the Weekly Event Meditation. daily European/Syria meditation

- read blogs from trusted sources to raise our awareness of the situation and educate ourselves, e.g. Cobra, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford

- share what we learned about secret space programs, The Event, financial situation, Law of One, etc...

Victory of the Light!…
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