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Welcome to anyone who has just joined. This is a [...]

Nerang, Queensland
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Welcome to anyone who has just joined. This is a general purpose group where people can reach out locally to collaborate or ask for help or whatever. We'll see where this takes us ey...
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

This clip quite literally bought me to tears. The most heartbreaking thing about it is that speech was from 1992 over 20 years ago now!!! We haven't improved one iota and since then only managed to dig that hole so much deeper for ourselves. If a little girl can know and clearly articulate what needs to be done to save our planet then really what the fuck is wrong with us? Are we actually that greedy and self destructive to not care for the place we live? In comparison with the rest of the living organisms that inhabit it (the very few remaining native tribal people that haven't been influenced by the west are probably exempt) we are truly in a parasitic relationship with Earth.
Here is the definition of a parasite;
"an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense."
Sound familiar? All the planet requires, in exchange for life which we've clearly taken for granted, is that we don't abuse it. It seems though that even this simple task is too much for a dysfunctional species blinded by power and greed. What good will all our advancements be if we end up destroying what keeps us alive? Is that not the ultimate failure of a species? It seems we may just be too bloody clever for our own good. As John Butler said "hey business man can you eat your money"? Fucking idiots!!! It makes me so mad and sad thinking about it mainly due to how completely unnecessary it all is. Greedy short sighted fools we are. Maybe we don't deserve to live as we're evidently a pretty destructive form of consciousness. It's a pity we'd take the rest of the life on Earth down with us as it was all doing quite well before we got so "smart". I still believe there is a lot of love and goodness in us though but we have seriously lost our way. How can we love and respect one another when we don't even do that for what created us? I believe that solving all the worlds problems starts with this. Whenever you want to fix anything you have to go back to basics and there is nothing more fundamental than nature. We now have the perfect opportunity to unite as one race and save the world. Maybe all the destruction and pain we've caused the planet was meant to be? To give us this chance to end the synthetic separation that's been keeping everyone apart and finally bring all Earth's children together. As we all know from our personal lives it's only once we begin destroying something that we gain the insight to rebuild and be better so maybe taking this punishment is Mother Natures final gift. I sure hope so because I only see two options for us on a whole. The above or we all eventually perish, simple as that. The people are the ultimate power though if we can somehow learn to work together. So I'm gonna put a few ads on gumtree and other free advertising sites and maybe even start a blog. Try to attract some like minded people and radical thinkers in an attempt to come up with ideas on how to address these issues. Have to start somewhere like the old African proverb says;
"How do you eat an Elephant? One piece at a time." One man alone can't do much for the planet but everyone together can do anything as in our souls we are all powerful, all knowing, sentient beings. It's come to that point where unity, kindness, mutual respect and love is now our only hope for survival. On reflection I truly believe we had to take this negative and disrespectful path toward nature and each other so that out of pure necessity we would finally wake up to ourselves and change our ways. I believe the dawn of a new era could be on the horizon so if I can play even a small part in realising it then I'd consider that a life well lived. This is why I have joined. So where do I start?
Saturday 2 April 2016, 14:24:48
join my group tez marybourgh gympie SE QLD one
Sunday 8 May 2016, 11:51:47
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