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Hi! New member, I joined a week or two ago! [...]

Kansas City, Kansas
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Hi! New member, I joined a week or two ago! My dream is to help make a difference in the world and I'm hoping Full Circle will be my first step towards that! I've been feeling truly lost lately because I have all this ambition to change things but everyone around me is still asleep..I haven't found a productive way to wake people up yet. So I'm very grateful for this site! I hope to find my path again and make connections with like minded people!
welcome Kolisi. Many people feel this way but when you reach out to folks around you in friendship you will soon find issues of common concern that can help bond relationships. This in turn allows you to broach subjects than can be difficult for people to contemplate but when you also have solutions to share, this becomes a very encouraging process and has positive repercussions. FCP aims to offer guide lines for supporting this process, so do step back on your path and enjoy the ride!
Tuesday 21 July 2015, 23:12:26
one under god [on strike/on point]
koloshi..a week come I didn't hear..before..we must spread the word..ok you took the fuirst step a wek ago..whats the plan...have you been getting involved..laid out your plan..have you applied for financing? know that its time..thy might be asleep now..but when they wake up they will ask you to help..this place is it..get out there and spread the word..the world being rebuilt by love grace and mercy..and we need your ideas..cause we are here to pay for cash..up front*..any project you chose..from feeding the world to rebuilding it..from clothing the cold to ..getting you back on your feet..the guture is here get going with getting all knowing..about the full circle projection..enjoy the ride
Tuesday 21 July 2015, 23:32:01
Hey Kolisi! I know what you mean.
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 13:45:39
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 13:45:40
Oops, I hit enter and it posted instead of dropping a line... lol. Anyway, I wanted to recommend you try using this video to show to others. It's incredibly useful in getting people who are totally asleep to start questioning everything. I've had great success with it!…
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 13:48:16
one under god [on strike/on point]
some other wake up vidios ? ..and words are here… the guy is Michael rivera..he claims to be atheist..but he is closer to a saint than many who would claim that title...[he don't..but his works are a good example..i have tested him on many occasions but he allways has a handle on what really happened..for whats going to happen I visit alex jones..his anger helps me control mine..anger don't help..and it only attracts the anger demons who feed off negativity..thus my love of mikes example..informing via positivity..[usually]..anyhow cheers
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 17:29:12
Thank you everyone for the uplifting positivity and encouragement! I needed it Thanks Tyler & one under god for the recommendations! I'll definitely try out the videos & check out more on that site! I like Alex Jones for his info too, he does get kinda angry and can sometimes be seen as fear mongering, but he tries to spread awareness and I understand the frustration that people just won't listen. I do prefer informing via positivity as well. Thats why I love Max Igan! Really gives you a great perspective. Im going to check out Michael Riveras work I'm in the middle of brainstorming ideas of how to get my community more involved and aware. Mayybe organize a type of fun event to get people together & spread positive awareness there somehow (pamphlets, play talks in the background, have speakers attend) lol not exactly sure yet, still brainstorming!
Thursday 23 July 2015, 06:35:35
one under god [on strike/on point]
the fun event sounds like a great plan..maybe it should become a new topic or a challenge..[many of us dropped out of society too long ago] if I hear of a gathering near my home im meet my other also might be the time to come full circle on having circles..[circles are a place where one at a time we speak for as long as it takes..and then passes the stick from their right hand across the heart to the fellow enlightened one sitting to ones left..of course circles are called for specific subjects or the first circle would be a planning circle for the gathering..of the local circles..and how to help the circle projection work in the cyber realm..i much prefer things in writing....thus like your pamphleting but posters and stickers should not be under rated..especially stickers..with a positive message and an invitation to circle...not so much as to circle the wagons..but to pow collectivise our powers..and charge up our ohhhh#mmmmmm to full volume..ahem...*mmmm..thank you for the smile your words gave about brain stormy ..cheers
Thursday 23 July 2015, 08:54:04
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