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This is a short video on how we can act [...]

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via The Full Circle Project
This is a short video on how we can act together for peace. Start your own circle today.…

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its a great vid and concept, thank you. On the FCP site here i am having problems with scrolling down the 'how to tag' bar on the left...apart from that its all cool, thanks.
Sunday 19 July 2015, 06:18:06
Mikael Cromsjo
Thank you! The side bars have a special feature that makes it stop scrolling when it is at the bottom. Probably does not work on all browser. What browser do you have?
Sunday 19 July 2015, 19:22:04
firefox, will try in safari
Sunday 19 July 2015, 19:42:03
one under god [on strike/on point]
have you told unite awake about us..or are you just putting forward one solution..we are many..does awake pay you to fix things..immediately? can we help unite awake to the solutions we are offering here?..and get us all on the same page fixing things real time..?
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 01:52:50
Mikael Cromsjo
Unite Awake is one of many project that supports the full circle project FCP. The full circle is using some of the ideas i UA to help organize people who want to act. The FCP will soon have a website that explains the relationship and how to use the ideas. I am myself the writer of the UA peace strategy and part of the full circle core team.
Thursday 23 July 2015, 14:17:49
Mikael Cromsjo
There will also soon be a plugin for coeo that allows people to start their own virtual circles and share ideas
Thursday 23 July 2015, 14:19:03
one under god [on strike/on point]
ok have shared it with the 5 best contacts I have [in angel talk 5 means friend..[circle means finality ] anyhow lets see how it unfolds ..the concept is old and works quite effectively ..and works on many levels from sharing financing and over seeing ..over sight ..on many levels..from the base up to the de based..high 5 ;}
Thursday 23 July 2015, 19:08:46
Mikael Cromsjo
High 5 <3
Sunday 26 July 2015, 15:19:37
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