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This has been a long time coming, but then it [...]

Purakkadi, Kerala
via Ubuntu - India
This has been a long time coming, but then it is the way it is and everything has a reason. The priority in our geography characterised as it is by hundreds of millions of the young, is I reckon, to get as many of them as possible engaged, and engaged with their consciousness. They are blatantly, and subliminally being wooed, as never before, to live and promote the i-me-and-myself scarcely concealed mantra that has over centuries so successfully enslaved billions.
Hello asi
Sunday 14 February 2016, 13:49:53
Excellent Rohan. Be in touch
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 00:19:11
Dhananjay K
hi guys
Thursday 2 February 2017, 04:02:06
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