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Does anyone have or know of an organic farm in [...]

Nevada, Iowa
via The Full Circle Project
Does anyone have or know of an organic farm in Colorado I could stay and work at for a few months? Please private message me. Thank you.
Perhaps try wwoof? It requires registering and a fee unfortunately, but has a vast resource of organic projects that are looking for volunteers. I am in no way affiliated with the site. Hope it helps start your search my friend.
Thursday 16 July 2015, 14:04:12
Thursday 16 July 2015, 19:53:05
you can also try I don't think they have fees but you'll need to research the host to ensure a good match.
Thursday 16 July 2015, 19:53:57
better link sorry...
Thursday 16 July 2015, 19:54:45
Thursday 16 July 2015, 19:54:50
Ron S
Thank you both!
Thursday 16 July 2015, 21:22:05
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