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Massachusetts folk to meet up? [...]

Amherst, Massachusetts
via The Full Circle Project
Massachusetts folk to meet up?
Little Bird
There is more than enough hope. Resist the fear-based attitude of either compliance or rage. The planet Mother is available to guide anyone who seeks her out. Whether or not there are chemicals, drugs, legions who seek to destroy her, they cannot succeed. There are multiple avenues for healing humanity.
Saturday 13 February 2016, 12:28:26
[deleted user]
Hiya Little Bird welcome to FCP. I've found the easiest way to connect is to use the "connect" button above. Looking at your location there are 3 of you in the local area with many more surrounding you that have been active in the last month (you can change the settings) Our success has come from PMing people. Sometimes it takes a time for people to respond but soon you'll make a local circle. Also check out if anyone has set up a circle close to you already using the "circles" button above. There are a lot of circles forming all over the world. Good luck Carla
Sunday 14 February 2016, 09:53:31
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