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Please ask me how, and I will explain how we [...]

San Antonio, Texas
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Please ask me how, and I will explain how we are nothing but formless vibrations from one single true sacred geometric form, this is what you see on the far left, the shape is called the amplituhedron and it is 1/4th of a merkabah. I believe, our entire universe is this shape, and it only makes the most sense. We are at constant vibration, all things are empty space, formless, and for the quantum physicists out there; all Feynman diagrams fit into this single shape! Lol wtf! Yes, I am proposing, reality is nothing but the emanation of vibrations from one single geometric form. Lol say that 5 times fast bruh, 😂 omg, life is truly sacred geometry
ok- i'm with how do you propose to affect the vibrational conundrum we find ourselves in after having been manipulated and lied to and limited to seeing only dense and 3d wise a 'reality' that has boxed in most of humans to continuously feed the beast, without figuring out how to extricate from and/or dissolve(?) the A I matrix- so your pineal is not calcified? and you produce your own dmt liberally? and you fly through the cosmos during your outofbody luciddreaming episodes? LoL wtf indeedy life is geometry, geometry behave according to rules, so nature has rules, natural rules/natural law- i am continuously educating myself clearing my threads still entwined in the old paradigm, sometimes i taste the new so clearly it's bliss- houseclearing! make room for the new! balance -- wholeness -- phoenixisrisen
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 00:27:40
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