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Have just joined the full circle project and look forward [...]

London, Greater London
via The Full Circle Project
Have just joined the full circle project and look forward to building new networks in the fight against what ails our planet.

Founder of a grassroots movement of UK citizens, who believe our political system isn't working for the vast majority of us, is wholly undemocratic and in dire need of change. We have only 1 goal, which we have defined as "To design and build a truly democratic UK society, where everyone will have an equal chance to prosper"

Currently looking for keynote speakers for our live online webinar events, as part of our "Telling it as it is" campaign. The events schedule and number of speakers needed is as follows:

Saturday 5th March Corruption at the heart of the British establishment (1)
Saturday 12th March Modern Britain, a very unequal society (3)
Saturday 19th March War on whistle blowers (2)
Saturday 26th March The wilful destruction of our NHS (2)
Saturday 2nd April The mass manipulation of the people agenda (0)
Saturday 9th April The power influence & control of the city of London (2)
Saturday 16th April The real agenda (1)
Saturday 23rd April The wilful destruction of our planet (3)
Saturday 30th April No George, clearly we're not all in this together (1)
Monday 2nd May The future, do we have one? (8)

All events commence at 12 pm GMT and will last for 2.5 hours, with the exception of the one on Monday 2nd May, which will be a 6 hour event and has been scheduled to co-incide with the May day celebrations. The focus of this event will be potential solutions, whereas the focus of all other events is the extent of the problem.

We will have 3 keynote speakers at each event, who will have 25 minutes each to give their presentation as they see fit and we do have the facilities do use all microsoft office apps if needed.

After each speaker, we will have a 10 minute audience lead Q&A and the event will finish with a presentation on the work of Redesigning Democracy UK

Anyone interested in being, or making a suggestion for a keynote speaker please contact me at [email protected]
Saturday 6 February 2016, 14:31:08
Very exciting! Wishing you great success!
Saturday 6 February 2016, 18:19:05
[deleted user]
Im glad you joined
Saturday 6 February 2016, 19:23:22
Good luck mojolondon
Saturday 6 February 2016, 20:03:57
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