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Here is an effort at producing solutions: [...]

Yerington, Nevada
via The Full Circle Project
Here is an effort at producing solutions:
Awesome! I will be sharing this wider. Thank you
Saturday 6 February 2016, 11:09:11
Hey 528hz! Suspecting your name represented a
frequency, I looked it up. Wow! So,Thank You!
Saturday 6 February 2016, 22:16:14
[deleted user]
Yeah, this is great! Watched it once, and had to watch it again with another. The technology is a bit brute force and inelegant, but really like the mentality and the enthusiasm, very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!
Sunday 7 February 2016, 02:05:04
Sure, pretty clunky stuff. And, of course,
no way to power incandescent bulbs very long that way. Butt hay, it's a start! This sort of thing is catching on as the 'makers' movement.…
Sunday 7 February 2016, 03:08:15
[deleted user]
Love the maker movement, we operate a small makerspace here, and offer it to the community. One of the 10,000+ things I'm doing now is trying to get a site up for it, along with a crowd funding idea for a ~300 acre living laboratory that would be super-sized makerspace. Fun times, but we need more volunteers! I need to post another of my ads here...
Sunday 7 February 2016, 04:00:42
Your full of surprises Shamanic! We have a little ranch here and I get up crazy early just for some quiet time. So, right now I’m crazy tired.....Goodnight!
Sunday 7 February 2016, 04:08:11
[deleted user]
Good night sir, dream well.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 04:11:28
Would love to work with him
Sunday 7 February 2016, 06:28:09
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