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Pattingham, Staffordshire
via The Full Circle Project
it is clear that Full Circler's (FC's), stand with all across the globe so a strategy for parallel actions appears appropriate - when the call is heard, those who can, will and do, respond in whatever way they are able.

on a local level, the majority here in the UK are under the kosh of an extremely oppressive regime/government. What say UK FC's consider strategies to challenge and reverse this financial rape, pillage and decimation of the majority here in little Parfide Albione.

I'm putting this out to see if subgroups here can develop strategies, for example, there is possibly a Southern/London centered group forming
and it seems there is potential for a Midlands group to develop - whatever people feel comfortable with - really.

I put this out as a simple idea - I'm sure others will have ingenious ones and some may have reasons to use alternate approaches - all is fine - the key is efficacy, so forward we go. .....we could have a loose theme, script, austerity is one broad topic, and groups can call, write, email MP's to register concern. It may be helpful for someone to perhaps formulate a basic script as this helps overcome writers block and helps motivate people.

Ideally, of course - alternative means of generating resources is the goal, but we are a long way from that just now. I'm sure we could start a freecycle, and social exchange system in due course - this may or may not be local as it depends on what we want to exchange ... these are just ideas rolling around ... feel free to submit your own.

Peace - Seb
Would love to be part of a Midlands group, I'm in staffordshire but am happy to travel
Friday 31 July 2015, 21:05:51
Me too I'm near Rugby
Monday 3 August 2015, 22:21:45
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