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Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Behind The Veil

Time is not being a very good friend as we hurtle towards our ‘Brave New World’. Homo-Sapien is being attacked on so many fronts that it beggars belief and confounds our actions. It appears that every institution that together comprise our society is desperate to steer us in a direction that will inevitably drive us over a cliff’s edge.

It is my contention that our journey was begun six thousand years ago as the Planet Earth became governed by the ruling zodiacal house of Taurus. The direction that our journey has taken was instigated by that all powerful institution that we call ‘Religion’ and that as civilization spread it became clear that Religion needed an anti-thesis to generate energy from, so was born the plethora of ‘secret societies’ that now permeate the globe.

Religions come and go as do the occult societies but the core of a hidden knowledge travels onwards with no cessation. ‘Religion’ is the outer garment whilst the occult societies are the under-garments that are not open for all to view. The Pope and the assembly of Cardinals do not see Christianity in the same way as the lay-person, as the Grand Master of Free-Masonry does not see Masonry in the same way as an initiate of the first degree does. Initiation into the ‘Mysteries’ and the many grades that one needs to climb keeps the true intent of Religion and Occult Societies unknown except to those at the apex of these institutions.

There is the ‘elite’ and there is the ‘Elite’. Many people who research make the erroneous judgement that an Adept in a Magickal Society, a Grand Master of Masonry or a Pope residing in the Vatican are the ruling elite. They I believe work for a higher power, the true ruling Elite! This Elite are the Keepers of the Plans for the Great Work of the Ages and from their lofty but occult vantage point they steer the human race through many Pathways towards what they perceive as a Divinely inspired goal.

Only now in the closing decades of the Age of Pisces is the true goal of the Elite coming into focus and many concerned human beings are becoming quite rightly worried at the route we are following. The Elite have used a system of Hierarchy to keep occult their real aims and so throughout His-story many great men and women have played significant parts in a Great Drama that has as its final Act the end of all that we deem to be ‘Human’.

When we begin to understand the true power of words and use words with that knowledge we may come to grips with a greater comprehension of reality. Many of the pivotal names in His-story have done their utmost to influence the direction that our species is taking towards unity never comprehending the truth of that word. Manly P Hall one of the most outstanding minds of the twentieth century and renowned Thirty-Third Degree Free-Mason was under the mistaken impression that the move towards Unity was to be a move of individual, independent human-beings that willingly join together to achieve a philosophically founded society based on the highest of morals and ethics. The truth of the Elites manipulation of our species towards Unity has humanity giving away all of its freedoms and rights so that the species becomes no more than a hive of automatons. Unity means the end of freedom, free thought, diversity, race and even sex. All conspiracies lead us towards this mind numbing goal and with that in mind it is up to us to uncover everything that hides ‘Behind the Veil’ and if we do not wish for the Elites future vision we must take actions to circumvent that journey!

tony, you nailed it- again! I appreciate how you summarise these aspects. I've been trying to explain the unity Thing to different groups, but I usually get the cold shoulder. Henceforth I'll be able to use your analysis!
Now.... just what actions should we take in order to circumvent this Elitist plan(et)?? And can we take The Fast Track as it seems this has all been brewing a while?¿
Looking forward to your next video series... thank you
Thursday 7 September 2017, 11:32:54
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