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Ok... heres something to consider and work on together. As [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via FCP Direct Action
Ok... heres something to consider and work on together. As you may be aware, one of the 'key' propositions of FCP was to hold officials accountable for their 'treasonous' acts etc (see the 'legal key' page and some of Max Igan's podcasts from a couple years back). Although we have approached those in-the-know law wise, we didnt get as far as piecing together the details.
Now Cal Washington and Josh del Sol are putting together a team at InPowerMovement and I think we can collaborate with this approach which they are using initially for Smart meters.
Take a look and less discuss the possibilities. It can very obviously work for more (all?) issues including 5G. weather modification, GMO's , vaccines, fracking...... watch the 1st intro vid below 52mins to get the ideas behind the liability approach.
Wednesday 6 September 2017, 11:35:41
Here is their main website which shows the plan, and the roadmap, together with some templates to start with for the US and Canada.
Wednesday 6 September 2017, 11:48:06
They are also forming a ground crew and are asking for volunteers. There is a list- can you be of service? I've contacted them with a view to set up a local action group; why not consider doing the same in your FCP group so we can all go through these steps together? Great learning opportunity plus a chance to cause a few good waves. This kind of tsunami would be welcome!…
Wednesday 6 September 2017, 11:51:27
i know it might seem strange, but I'm linking it to our own page on the Legal Key since its mentioned above and you may not have read it before?…
Wednesday 6 September 2017, 12:10:33
"Is it possible to hold corporate individuals accountable for their actions? Yes, it is, "and this has the potential to change everything," Today's article from Dr Mercola who is reviewing the InPower Movement's approach…
Saturday 9 September 2017, 19:05:06
I'm now part of the ground crew for this plan as I feel its very much in line with the approach FCP wanted to pursue from the beginning (ref Legal Key).
Is it not the case that the smart meters/smart grid are fundamental to the bigger objectives in relation to 5G/skynet/control & surveillance systems?

To block this or at least put a spanner in the works seems to me a valuable task which is achievable and also serves to open the doorway to other causes - geoengineering/human engineering etc.

I'm planning to take this to the table in the FCP group here to see how far we can engage..why not try with your groups too? If not, why not? What so you need to take this further? Do let us know your thoughts as feedback is essential. Thank you, Louise
Saturday 9 September 2017, 19:12:53
Rights advocate Jerry Day came across the following video, which del Sol Beaulieu calls "the most startling admission I have seen regarding in-home surveillance as the real focus of smart meters."…
Saturday 9 September 2017, 19:21:10
another interview with Josh and Cal 33 mins…
Friday 15 September 2017, 07:13:36
To know one's Self, IS to be InPowered!

summary from Ruso at IPM

Award winning, Take Back Your Power 2017 Final Cut Version, is an updated version from the original 2013 version. As changes in our electronic/electric demands grow each year, the new version of this film, outlines all of the harmful aspects of the Smart Meter / 5G agenda, brings context to the First Episode of the Mass Action of Liability.
https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=NtIYFCjUTSo

Because our so-called "leaders" have sworn an oath (to the bible) to perform for "the people", they are now being personally accountable, through a liability, <because> they have not upheld their oath, by rolling out or assisting in the harms being delivered to the public. On accounts of: radioactive harm, violation of rights and privacy, significant electrical bill increases and inaccuracies, + other agendas such as GMO's, vaccines, geoengineering, cronyism.... and other harm deployed to the people.

The major purpose of this process is to dispelling the harm, (step-by-step and systematically), by identifying the root of the harm (backed by scientific findings), and then removing the very people who sit at levels who are aiding and abetting this high level of harm being imposed on our environment and the people.

This movement is an opportunity for people to step up individually &/or in a group, and have their voices and demands heard, to finally be a part of making BIG changes! Once invoked in the correct (& peaceful) way, in the proper jurisdiction, it is bound to supersede any other voting platform in our current ineffective voting and political system.

To know one's Self, IS to be InPowered! Being InPowered on a Global scale will change Everything!

Communications ~ InPower Movement
Friday 15 September 2017, 07:15:57
As part of the InPower launch, the team has just re-released Take Back Your Power 2017. (updated) Watch here embedded in the article…
Friday 15 September 2017, 07:39:27
From Philpots post on the main wall, important consideration for IPM…
Tuesday 19 September 2017, 08:42:45
Here is part of an email from Josh del Sol of InPower Movement following an interview with Max and consideration of the questions we sent after our main IPM hangout:
We didn't get into all of the questions you & the FCP hangout raised. However, Max booked us for a part 2 interview on Nov 12th. We would like to either meet with you, or meet with the FCP hangout team beforehand. It's important that we hear & consider constructive criticism, and also answer the numerous sincere questions. We will probably come away with additional good content for our FAQ...
so thats cool.... how about next Thursday invite both Cal and Josh to our FCP hangout, or I'll organise a ZOOM room to meet. For those interested to join, lets coordinate dates and times so max people can come. Great opportunity to engage; have further suggestions and question ready. I'll post the original email I sent them with our comments on the Direct Action page.
Part 1 of their interview with Max will air on Friday so we can glean more info from that before meeting up with them ourselves... should be a good learning process
Wednesday 4 October 2017, 10:06:28
Principle section of the email I sent to Josh on Sept 18 following our IPM hangout

....basic points/questions you might like to consider. Everyone had seen the 1st episode at least once.

Transparency of funds. Given many have been burnt before by other campaigns, people need to know how money that comes in is being distributed.

There is some suspicion about operating within the legal realm and various questions came up (perhaps to be answered in the next episode?)

Need more proof of successful outcomes from the test groups

Some docs from Cal's procedures are from 2012. What has happened since then in 5 years?

Who filled the positions of those who stepped down and what actions have been taken to serve them with notice of liability?

Are Josh & Cal currently applying this proposal against 5G on their own homes? Or are they people that do not own a home and have no fixed address? If they are going through the courts in regards to their own property, if they were able to show evidence they are personally leading by example, then it would make it much easier for people to follow suit too.

Seems like a silly question but one that has to be asked. Using an army analogy, it is easier for the generals (Josh & Cal) to send the soldiers (us) out on the frontline to get shot first. The premise is excellent from Josh & Cal, I absolutely love it. But would be personally reassuring for me, to know that they will be on the legal frontline with us and not just leading from afar.

How much peer-reviewed proof do you have that there is damage to health (that can be used in court)

Given that it seems like individuals may have to go to court, what support will be offered to them (there is concern around spending time in jail, as Cal has done, and having a criminal record) Concerns of repercussions ie young people ending up with criminal records, or having closer surveillance etc

"The winner has the financial backing, therefore we would never win"

Depends on the magistrate's decision

Concerns that the process will take up time/be a waste of time (due to being caught up within legal system)

What happens if you don't reach your Indigogo goal? If Take Back Your Power has established genuine contacts, why is there not more funding?

We could set a goal to ask people to do stuff like find out who owns the lamp post outside where you live. This I think will freak out those who monitor such things.

Apprehensive about initiatives that seem glossy, as if selling me something. Would be good to have regular short vids as updates to the projects developments rather than just long documentary style 'films'.

A good way to learn to use the legal system to our advantage and to let them know that we know....

Overall the response is positive but guarded. We look forward to learn more in the next episode which we will discuss in another hangout this Thursday. I hope this independent feedback is helpful to show how to gain confidence in this initiative..
we are here to collaborate as best we can.
Wednesday 4 October 2017, 10:08:58
Saturday 7 October 2017, 23:11:47
InPower action in Hawaii (comment from FCP member) Sm's we're going to be rolled out in every home without choice until a group put the liability notices in. They reversed their proposal so that now a homeowner has to specifically request one to get it installed.…
Tuesday 31 October 2017, 23:24:18
Patti Lindgren
I am hopeful for the potential of this as well. This feels like a pillar - a critical piece - in the global takedown.

Now, at the same time, it's partly irresponsible to take something down without have done some good leadership work for catching what falls.

Here in Canada, we have an emerging solution to take our power back from the corrupt governments nationally and provincially in The Canadian People's Union. This strategy may also work in other countries with similar models of governance.
Friday 23 February 2018, 23:25:51
Hi Patti that sounds interesting- could you provide a link and/or some further details? Thank you
Saturday 24 February 2018, 00:45:09
Patti Lindgren
Hi Lulu - Here is the website. I have just stepped up into National Coordinator position, and am the second one there after the initiator. The website is content heavy, as she is a researcher, and it needs to be cleaned up. We are working on assembling a team of volunteers to tweak and refine communications and to co-create an intuitive strategy for an active people's union from Sacred leadership roots.
Saturday 24 February 2018, 00:49:06
Patti- why not put a link to this website on a new thread on the main wall (go to top left box of this COLLABORATE page) so that others can see the content and comment or begin a discussion with you. This thread is currently 6 months old and is located in the DIRECT ACTION section, so few people will come across it. Is this an idea?
Saturday 24 February 2018, 16:57:02
Patti Lindgren
I have no idea how to navigate here as yet, and as much as I am finding things I like, I am also not finding things I want! I feel a little lost and down an arm. So, if you think it's an idea, then I will take your lead.
Saturday 24 February 2018, 18:07:15
OK... no worries. If you want me to guide you thru we could skype if you like. I will pm you my skype handle ok? Otherwise here is fine.... what are the things you want?
Saturday 24 February 2018, 18:13:29
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