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Max it is so daunting when you really look at [...]

Brantford, Ontario
via The Full Circle Project
Max it is so daunting when you really look at the way things are heading these days. Feeling very inadequate to the task right now but happy to see someone feels that they may be capable enough to put together something that will slow down this steady errosion of our rights and this seemingly unstopable trend by the powers that be to force us into slavery, debt and poverty/dependance. Thank You Max for all the good work you have and are doing!
Audi One Vision
Good to meet you Chessy, Yes I love Max and it is because of him I am awake. I am more worried about Max's health and the fact that he looks drain and of need for new energy and invigaration than anything we are facing on this planet......we need to do more just to give this man a breather after everything he has done for all of us and humanity all these years. Max let us step up mate, mentor us and send us out in different parts of the world in different languages doing confrences and public speaking in and around communites. create a boot camp for mini max's type concept. I will put my name down and commit along with many others that are even younger than me, i am ready to go into the lime light using my own name, I would rather die changing the world than live in the one we are creating now, especially for my daughter who doesn't have a clue what is happening and she has to inherit this mess.
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 14:24:36
Dalai Llama once said"if you think that one being isn't enough to change the world, try sharing a room with a mosquito."
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 17:18:33
Native Son
Thank you for the quote, brother. It gave me a laugh and put a smile on my face. Loved it. Gonna share it.
Friday 21 August 2015, 05:10:36
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