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Hi Folks. FLAT EARTH True or Not like Max Igan [...]

Comox, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
Hi Folks.
FLAT EARTH True or Not like Max Igan Stated is NOT the Issue of Utter Importance at the moment, Though i Have mentioned the likelihood of this 500 yr Brainwash of our ancestors who Knew the Earth was a Plane and not a Plane[t] for 5,000 yrs prior. It Actually got them thinking about "Well What Else Have these Satanic Forces Lied About?"

Now I have been presenting those same Folks about a SCHEDULED EVENT called the SHEMITAH which will also be a Deception but of WorldWide Consequences. Please have a look at this playlist and note the Math that Renee. M. did in solving this 6,000 yr old puzzle and Do keep in mind the DECEPTION Aspect.

IMHO Preparation Both Spiritually & Bodily is of the Essence as the Schedule has been very Accurate & Verifiable. You Will Have Already Lived Through Several Events. Non Events like Y2K & 2012 were not in the Schedule and that's what they're counting on, "Just another Cry Wolf Event" But Sept 23 2015 the Deception Begins... Big Time. Do Your OWN Re-Search and You Decide. (No one can Know the Exact Day or Time but Renee. M. did some very Impressive Math putting the Puzzle Together).... "SHEMITAH/WARNINGS" ...…
In Lak'ech...... joachim.
bill hicks
love this flat earth stuff if its flat and i think it is then it just goes to show how easily fooled humans are these satanists lie about every thing and we fall for most of it unfortunitly peace look into eric dubay if your interested he does the best flat earth stuff out there peace
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 16:48:51
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