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I imagine everyone here has already been blown away by [...]

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I imagine everyone here has already been blown away by this speech...but it never loses its power and relevance to our present unchanging situation however many times listened it couldn't be shared enough...
Chaplin is one of my heroes!
thanks Seb
Monday 6 July 2015, 16:54:36
Hi Seb!..I eagerly await a similar speech and similar cheer/support from the masses as in this clip in my lifetime..peace
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 08:14:50
Hi Kioki, I'm sure such people do exist. Many of them have been put behind bars, like Schaeffer Cox who started the Liberty Bell movement in US, others lay low after having had many close shaves. Some Brave US senators like Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney and others have tried to prise open the minds and hearts of their compatriots with little success. I think, such a speech will require the right conditions even though the mindset has long existed. In a sense this kind of sentiment is what a true Messiah might sound like - he/she may couch it in slightly different terms, but its message of unity, justice and liberty will be explicit and unmistakable. Also, it is true that we each are our own arbiters of justice and fairness, and each of us surely has a very similar declaration to make. Indeed, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was the hard won fruit of 2 world wars, was in that vein. I think as a minimum, it should be stated and restated, and that most politicians should have their nose rubbed in it and then paraded for the shame of not having even made the remotest attempt to have realised it, on a nightly show televised to the world to show what happens to the traitors of humanity. There is nothing more serious than war, yet look at how gleefully the expenditure of human life is regarded by Victoria Nuland, the Bushes, Clintons, Lindsey Graham, Blair, Straw, Albright, Powell, the heinously evil Aronovitch, Cameron, McCain, Netanyahu, Poroshenko, Rita Katz, the Saudi regime, Erdogan, Al Sisi, truly the list is endless. Would that we could gather them together and ship them off to a small island so they could bask in eachanother's company until they all act out their psycopathy upon eachanother until we were rid of them all. We don't need Archon's mate, when we have true red eyed devils like these, thriving and roaming amongst us living the high life at our expense in every sense of the word. Let these and fairer days come - say I, and if we live to see them, as we well may, that is a sweet fate in a sea of bitterness. Peace - Seb.
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 10:17:51
Thank you for such a passionate reply's important and always reassuring to realize we are not alone in striving for the same ideals!
However naive I sound to myself, I still have a lot of faith in human nature and believe we will succeed in the long (long) run.
If and when we do, that televised 'red eyed devils' island' reality show you describe at the end will most certainly make a killing, literally I'm supposing.
I'm proud to say I have no TV to watch anything of the sort even though I would probably end up slyly peaking at an episode or two whilst popping around my mum's ;)...all the best.. K

Tuesday 7 July 2015, 18:46:32
Thankyou, thankyou, indeed, there are many of us, many, many - the trick of the MSM and system in general is to make us believe, and feel that we are alone and powerless but as Stephen Dorff's character, a young Africaaner boy who was to take on the might of apartheid South Africa said to his concerned mentor, (Sir John Gielgud) in the film, 'The Power of One', "...even a waterfall starts with one drop of water!" Love-Seb
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 19:57:01
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