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Australia’s Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NAIDOC WEEK 2015: [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
Australia’s Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NAIDOC WEEK 2015: 5-12 JULY


"NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. The week is a great opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to support your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community." You can find out more at their Web-site Below. This includes all of the activities and Events planned for Naidoc Week, as well as awards won.
Gday Audi. Stuck right in the middle here in Texas. I'm born & bread in Campbelltown, though there isn't much action from the awakened . My father always taught us boys how to respect the indigenous. I have many friends with indigenous ancestry. How can we inspire these communities. There is so much love n power through out the aboriginal spirit sector. Love n Light m8
Monday 6 July 2015, 16:30:40
Audi One Vision
Hey Pat, great to meet you and network with you. I resonate and conquer with everything you are saying. Well what I have done is I am in the process of making a transition into community work from a corporate career in HR and recruitment for mining and heavy industries, civil engineering etc. I am currently studying Community Work and a diploma in Youth Work which will allow me to do BA in Social sciences. I am currently looking for work and on the job placement as part of my studies in indigenous aboriginal communities in and around NT region. I feel that direct contact on the ground in the communities is the best option for me and the way I feel will have the most impact. I want to use my life experience, professional experience and other personal knowledge, skills and experience to contribute and work with these communities in a personal manner. I want to use my social science degree to gain access to senior management positions in indigenous orgs and or local governments where I can make decisions that impact these communities and people in a positive manner, I will always be an advocate and voice via online platforms as the ability to reach the masses in numbers are greater. Yes I do believe rallying the streets in protest is effective but can turn very sour and violent due to the militarisation of our police and that is not a proactive peaceful mode of operation. I am trying to educate the aboriginal people about the global politics and the elite global agenda that relates to them as a people so they better understand the bigger picture, otherwise there people will be wipe out, their history, ancestory and culture will be wiped off the face of the planet as part of this agenda. Its not easy as they are so preoccupied with fighting for basic day to day human and civil rights issues, not mentioning the local issues relating to drugs, alcohol, unemployment, racism and other community and colonisation issues they have faced previously and still to date. i also want to try and network all indigenous peoples of the world together as one voice globally as they seem to feel that they are isolated in every country. I have some other ideas also but one cannot do it alone, I have a program I am working on which I want to implement is how to empower the youth through spiritual and personal development that enables them to love who they are, aquire aspirations and goals towards making a difference in their own communities as leaders and mentors, i want to use my HR and recruitment contacts in the corporate world to create a bridge between the corporate world and the youth to create apprenticeships and career pathways etc. i feel that if we can get these young to aspire to become decision makers in various areas of the corporate world and key areas in society and local government it will turn their future and the existence around for the better moving forward. Currently the incarceration rates are astronomical for a people that represents only 3% of the Australian population. Right now they are trying to get something that is broken and not function at full capacity mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to function effectively in their community and society. I could go on and on but I will keep it brief for now. If we could just get them up to speed with the bigger picture and agenda globally they will realise that we will not have an earth, country and or land to fight for and preserve. this will put everything in perspective also as to the importance of helping the universe and mother earth to naturally raise the vibration and consciousness on earth that currently happening. I believ their sacred sites and their conscious connection with the earth and universe and creator is making this natural evolution occur faster and easier as the masses are disconnected completely and the elite are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening. i want them to realise the importance of their existence, culture, natural laws and spiritual practices has had throughput hostory and currently for this type of consciousness evolution to take place. I also believe that there is a reason the agenda targets the ancestrol indigenous beings as they have a pure form of blood line and DNA that is slowly being diluted and becoming exstinct globally in an attempt to wipe it off the face of the planet, this relates to the visitors tampering with human DNA and creating a more reptilian race. Just throwing it out there but I have been working hard and researching this fact alone and feel that they should be treated as a protected species before it becomes extinct. Would love to know your thoughts mate??
Love n Light to you and family also M8
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 13:38:14

wes penre papers.
Saturday 11 July 2015, 20:57:55
Gday Audi. the papers will resonate as with i. Its a fantastic read, one of which, will inspire us all to return to the source. This man seems very brave with his approach. Hes been instrumental to me and my awakening. Bless your spirit mate.... go get em. Your plans will transpire my freind and im sure i will hear your noise from here in Texas.
Saturday 11 July 2015, 21:06:21
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