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Chanhassen, Minnesota
via The Full Circle Project
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It's the fourth what did you expect!
Nothing will happen if we are only thinking of love and truth. Create this reality not theirs! Think it will be and it will. That easy!
Saturday 4 July 2015, 21:54:18
Love your perception. Wonder how different the world would be if we all instantly realized we're the ones making it all...
Sunday 5 July 2015, 10:50:29
Audi One Vision
Mystic, Pat and Amanda - Really good to meet you all here. This is a very tricky topic and most people can grasp, understand how to create their own individual reality and or law of attraction, the secret etc, but more importantly it is trying to get these same individuals and or the masses that grasp, undertstand and try to create their own reality the idea of a collective reality on planet earth currently through human energy mining through emotion of fear on mass scale. It is trying to explain to people that we all consciously and or unconcsiously helping to create the reality that the world is projecting out infront of our eyes. It's all well and good for us to have an amazing peaceful loving reality in our individual worlds, but how we change the reality we are experiencing collectively as one humanity on this planet of ours would be a win win for all beings on the planet, living in one world we all want to live and created by "US" and not by a selected few who do not have the best interests of humanity, our planet, mother earth and the universe at heart or mind.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 13:46:49
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