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Has anyone else heard of an asteroid strike coming in [...]

Granville, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
Has anyone else heard of an asteroid strike coming in September this year that will create a massive tsunami that will hit new york. I have done some research and it looks like it will be the next false flag event just like september 11 and the next step towards the new world order.
The Matrix Auditor
Hi Daniel, haven't picked that one up. What is coming over is a general gut feel amongst many that the last quarter of this year will see a big event of some sorts. I believe in instinct. Here there seems to be an issue brewing.
Saturday 4 July 2015, 15:06:03
Gday MA...why cant we concetrate more intention on a more full, more exciting, blissful, consciously knowing in our hearts, that this will be put to an end. Only with joy n peace not with discussion of fear.....we will win this back guys....Love n Light always.
Saturday 4 July 2015, 21:50:41
this post is not about fear, this post was put up to have an openminded mature discussion about this topic as allot of false flag events have happened before and heaps of people have died and i want people to do their research so we can properly figure this out and try to save as many people as possible. We are in a matrix system where good and evil will never stop fighting each other, research the archons and there control of the system and their part in the system.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 10:24:46
this mite not happen but we need to figure out what is really going on so we can properly protect ourselves, just thinking about love and peace all the time won't make events like this go away, we need to take multiple forms of actions to stop false flag events for hidden agendas.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 10:33:36
Audi One Vision
Daniel - Great to meet you here. Nasa just came out recently stating that an asteroid is not going to hit. Now I don't listen to anything NASA says, but one needs to wonder why they would come out with such a statement on exactly this topic and in the form of an asteroid and or object from outer space. I am not interested about what it will be but there is indications that a major false flag unlike anything humanity has seen before will occur during the month of Sep 2015. There will be an array of false flags rolled into one major eventful month, Aliens and Christianity, global currency, US debt to China and Jade Helm is in preparation for what is coming also. I am not into fear mongering but be vigillant, aware and conscious from here on in. Research but don't get stuck in rabbit holes that generate fear emotion and side track us from the truth and their agenda. The key is to not live in fear and or generate any fear emotion and or energy at all regardless of what they do and throw at us.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 13:57:14
Audi One Vision
It is also the Shimetah year during Sep 2015 and the final blood moon.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 13:58:41
Audi One Vision
What we need to focus on is the NWO agenda and how all countries and all events around the world come back to one source for one global agenda. Weather it is China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, ISIS etc and how the events globally seem seperate and unrelated. They are all one and the same, the quicker we join all the dots and understand that these countries are going to become one eventually. The countries that were not towing the line have been invaded already or are at war with the west and UN currently.
Sunday 5 July 2015, 14:03:11
Audi One Vision, good to hear from someone that has done their research as well and is trying to join all the dots together. What i have found is nothing will stop the new world order as this is just another part of the scripts for the matrix. The entire universe is infested with parasites called the archons that live in the 4th dimension that control beings in certain ways to get things done which supplies energy to them and they do this by getting beings to sign soul contracts and apply a system called karma and then mind wipe you so that you have no idea what is going on when you come back and this is designed to keep beings in the 3rd dimension for ever.
Monday 6 July 2015, 06:10:52
Audi One Vision
Dan - I like you already and great to be here and speak to people about realistic issues that we are facing at a local and global level. Yes I have heard about the Tsunami, asteroid etc, NASA just came out recently stating publicly that "NO An Asteroid will not be hitting earth in Sep 2015. I am sus on NASA and anything they do and that move is even more sus. Russia did come out publicly also saying that an asteroid was going to land in the ocean on the WEST cost in the Pacific side which would cause Tsunami's towards USA, Asia and Asia pac region. When I sat back and thought about why Fukushima has been hidden from mainstream media it came across to me that they either want to kill of all the marine life including fish, seafood etc or they want to contaminate the food supply from our oceans to the masses tables as part of a silent slow kill depopulation attempt, otherwise what ever false flag in the form of a natural disaster will be done with blue beam anyway and all the Tsunami's will hit these areas and on land with contaminated nuclear waste water which will further contaminate land and people where the water floods???????? thoughts M8? Yes I understand the Arcon theory and facts surrounding this, I travelled around Asia for 16 months recently to learn about Buddhism beliefs and especially reincarnation.......I believe that they control the spiritual realm also and help to guide the dead into another contract and reincarnate back on earth as part of the overall enslavement and the cycle continues until we wake up and remember not to deaal with them and or not make a contract to come back as I believe as we wake up and remember we orevent them from tampering with us and tempting us towards a white light that brings us back here instaed of ascending to another higher dimension. The reason being is that I spent months and months learning meditation and understanding their beliefs surrounding reincarnation, i found that the monks believe that once enlightenment is reached to a certain level and understanding, one lives their life in such a way to create higher consciousness and enlightenment by going within as to prevent them selves from coming back in the form of reincarnation. They live their life and mastering the art of not coming back here, they too belive that we keep coming back becuase we are asleep and never learn, so in a simple explanation is if we fail 5th grade we just keep coming back again and again until we pass to elevate to grade 6 and 7 and 8 and so on. Thoughts mate????
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 13:58:57
i've been doing more research on the asteroid and there are alot of connections from different areas that suggest it will happen, the french foreign minister talks about a 500 day cycle that ends on the 24th of september, the bible talks about it, their are movies made about it, it's in a music clip, it's on the big bang theory, it's in the illuminati card game with the asteroid on a card and also a massive tsunami hitting a city, there's fema moving bodybags and supplies to certain locations It's not going to be a real asteroid and they are going to use H.A.A.R.P. to make it look real. Look up dr carol rosin as she has some good inside information from people that she has worked with for alot of years and she talks about the blue beam project as well. I,m not saying that this will 100% happen but i am fairly confident that this will be the next false flag event as the illuminati like to give warnings to people about future false flag events through certain fields as this has been done before with september 11. As with this constant reincarnation process i see right through the whole thing as well and i will not be signing another soul contract or getting my mind wiped ever again and i don't no if going to the 5th dimension is properly breaking out of the matrix or if it is the next level of the matrix as it is still part of this universal system. What are you're thoughts on this? All i no is that i will not be going towards the light and i will find another way and then i will decide to either go to the 5th dimension or leave this universal system and go somewhere else.
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 05:11:13
dr carol rosin talks about space based weapons, not the blue beam project
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 05:22:17
Audi One Vision
Excellent mate, good work...sounds like your passion so while you are working on that, research underground cities under America, Russia and others that are stocked with food and everything required to stay underground for years. Also look into Nibiru or planet ex that is coming in and is now visible to earth. Love your work and you go as deep as you need to down that rabbit hole brother and bring us back the truth. Love your work and stay vigilant, focused but don't get lost and lose hope, never live in fear regardless of what you see, hear or find.
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 09:03:24
i've gotten fairly used to going in deep and finding the truth now. When i started doing this alot about 4 years ago i was getting alot of psychological abuse from the government and the archons, they no how to time travel and turn other people against you, get into you're dreams and bug you're house. The last month i have been researching soul contracts and trying to get off of it and during this they attacked me alot in my dreams saying terrible things and killing me in alot of horrible different ways. But i am used to this now and i keep going as it doesn't worry me much any more and i am concentrating on the person i really want to be and that is mastering the art of true love. Have you been attacked by the archons and/or government. I will research other areas and let you no what i find. I will message you from now on as this will be easier and i have alot to talk to you about as you're the only one so far that understands how everything really is and are at my level as nearly everyone else thinks i'm crazy and just a conspiracy theorist, do you have this same problem.
Thursday 9 July 2015, 08:30:47
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