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Effective Communication How can we communicate in ways that encourages [...]

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Effective Communication

How can we communicate in ways that encourages participation and connection between individuals?

What are some things we tend to do while communicating that discourages participation and connections?

I noticed while reading these posts and comments (as well as reviewing my own) that there are some things we tend to do which inhibits effective communication. First we tend to jump right to the conclusion or our proposed solution to an issue without defining the topic or issue. Then we answer questions about the issue without mentioning them for others to see and have an opportunity to add to the conversation..

I could speculate on the reasons we tend to communicate in this way. Maybe it is a result of being raised in an authoritarian society. Those that are said to be experts or in positions of authority tell others what is right or wrong.. But this isn't really communication is it? Good communication is a two (or more) way street where the people involved discuss a chosen topic.

I am wondering what you all think of this and if you have any articles, websites, books or other materials (hopefully easily accessible) which may help those wishing to improve their communication skills?
o my dear friend........but ther is no formula for comunication. or its ocuring or not. depends to all participants in it. if they like the flow of information or not. but not liking its the same like liking. because its on individual to chouse what he likes or dont likes. its up to him. like its up to others what they will do with him will they listen to him or not. you know......what you whant to talk about. if conversation becams by any mean dictated modality, thous who have tendency to complete open them selfs will turn their back on that. because you cant open in that way. i personaly think.....that comunication is really wonderfull. because it is. it doesnt matter what someon knows or doesnt but what maters that all thous who came here whant to change things that sourauds them. and anything that they writh here or see here.......WILL AFFECT THEM IN ENDLESS WAYS. no matter if they will meet somebody from this forum in live or not. that is wonderfull if it happens......but that is not something that you cann push eather. it something that will come or not. but in that way everything functions.........with no preconcived solutions. but the whole interesting thing is in that. isnt?
Thursday 31 December 2015, 18:42:25
No question on this site about what good communications is. Max himself said the following as guidance to effective communications. Here's some of his quotes. "Gotta participate or we are lost." "Get involved it's the only way out...if we don't do that we are lost if you don't participate." "**Not something where you just hang around a website." "It's about taking this info and applying it to your community."Address the problem at it's source." Those quotes provide clear and concise suggestions on how we should be communicating or am I missing something?
Thursday 31 December 2015, 18:47:32
Janta, I agree that we shouldn't and ultimately force people to communicate in a particular way. I am in no way suggesting that we or some chosen individuals regulate conversation. All I am wanting to do is offer some ideas to communicate anyways that encourages people to participate. Perhaps it can be part of the restored section of this website and people can choose for themselves if they like the ideas or not. I'm sure many would agree that there are different ways we communicate which either help or disturbs a good flow of sharing. For instance it is never a good idea to call individuals names or ridicule a person's character if we want to have an environment that feels open.
Thursday 31 December 2015, 18:55:42
doug...........what you think doug that people here are not doing it among others peoples? of cours they do. it comes out from you like a fountain of the most intense wish. but........its not the same to who you will speek........if the other part understand what you are saying.........then you saying comes to fertile ground. but if its the other feel exosted and you achived nothing at all. and the BIG BIG PROPLEM with temes on this forum is that 99% of our comaninons have newer heard about this topics. and in their eyes you are claun. that the chaleging part for someone who want to spred information. thing about information........she will allways find thous who are acceptable for it. allways. because we are interconected with everything else and the information of certain careing spiral of frequency will allways find its match. allways. so thous who wants to know.........WILL ALWAYS KNOW. on what ever way.
Thursday 31 December 2015, 19:00:46
Doug, I greatly respect Max and all that he has done but honestly I don't see how those particular quotes say much about communication but rather about how to apply the communication in daily life to effect change. Also I'm not sure if our resources for communication and many other topics should be limited to Max's understanding as great as it may be. Is this a community or is this of fellowship of Max? Our issues and concerns on earth are everyone's.
Thursday 31 December 2015, 19:05:42
completly true consciuseman...........but you cant stop someone to tell something. and fury and nerves ar also welcome from my part. you cant stop them. its natural that thous come from certain someon if they feel like that. you cant manipulate the cant........each of us is feeling in all sorts of ways when he comes here. and now.......i have to rush to some place wher i wold rather not be because its appsurd that people year after year are repeating the same pater. and in that majority no one have tendency know....maybe sligtly change that repeating so it can be becam more interesting..........well i understand why is that so............but you know.....its incredible.......really is........but tahat is how reality functions.
Thursday 31 December 2015, 19:09:05
yes........but doug imensly likes max igan. isnt that so doug? so.........that is what i see that underlines dougs thougts. and im glad that is so for doug. because max is.... well what to least a shining diamond. at least. who have done enormity with his researc......and above all........i think that max just the purest human being you can find. you i exept or not im my self you always post and say brother what you want. that is calling expressing uniquenes. amd that is something that is forgoten in human society from moment of before last ice recomended thing to do in this reality.
Thursday 31 December 2015, 19:15:44
[deleted user]
Good points all, you folks really are a nice group of people to communicate with. So many opinions and expressions coming from the heart. I was just having this discussion with someone out here in "reality" today. Discussing the topic of identifying the problems accurately, before we can even begin to discuss solutions. The conversation ended without conclusion. It brought to mind the story of the Elephant in a darkened room with everybody arrayed around it feeling a bit of the animal. No one person has a complete picture of the Elephant, everybody sees it from the perspective of what they feel. One feels a trunk, another an ear, the mass of the body, a leg, the tail end (poor soul), and everybody describes the "Elephant" differently. How do we turn on the lights, so that we all see the Elephant for what it is? Is this even important? Like you've said in a prior post ConsciousMan, is there even value in discussing the problem? Perhaps we should just envision how we want life to be, and let the Elephant wander back into the bush.
Thursday 31 December 2015, 22:08:39
Humm.. I'm afraid you mistook my meaning from that post of the negative and positive truth Shamanic Engineering. I didn't mean to say that we should ignore the negative, just that we may want to be cautious about getting caught up in it to the point of forgetting what we want (the positive truth) or hopelessness.

I agree with the moral of the story of the wise men and the elephant. We need to work together to see the issues more clearly from our varied perspectives. One method I like came out of the Occupy Movement (yes it was shut down vigorously but that only shows me how great it's potential was). The Consensus Method. Which is basically an organized conversation / debate. I highly recommend checking it out as a reference. The reason we need to have well organized (and primarily respectful) conversation with each other is because the systems of society (government, banks, corporations, etc) are very organized and the people in positions of authority / power won't just fold and walk.

Now I will get a little weird.. Is it possible to understand the 'natural law' or dynamics of being human including what conversation is in a deeper way? If so (and I believe there is empirical evidence to confirm this) perhaps we can determine how to govern and organize ourselves harmoniously including effective communication. I admit that is a ways off but we may be close to finding the fundamental principles. First being Individual Sovereignty or Freewill. This seems pretty straight forward and intuitive.. Of course we each have the Freewill to feel, think, say, and do.. But it gets a bit tricky when we start to interact with other Sovereign beings. For instance I don't have the ability to feel, think, say, do for another.. Unfortunately this is common practice in society.. So it may be difficult to break out of the conditioning of violent relations.

Sorry to write a book.. Lol. In any case I am very grateful for this platform and all you awesome freethinkers. It gives me great hope to see this happening.
Friday 1 January 2016, 01:20:31
Communication is the key to any great success. I have found that in this site that there are vast and infinite opinions on many topics. Some people do not fear backlash from others while some like myself say very little so that I am not ridiculed for my beliefs. However, I have learned that we are all here for one main purpose and that we can all agree on. That is we want things to change for the better. We want to live in peace, and all of us are working on it in one way or another. It is also important to remember that typing is so much more impersonal that talking to someone face to face. Many times when we are typing people get the wrong idea because our words get misconstrue. That s another reason why it is good to make friends on here and get a circle going, and meet up with others who want to make a difference too. This is just my opinion. Great posting guys. Peace and love and may this new year bring lots of great things for humanity.
Friday 1 January 2016, 01:29:15
[deleted user]
My apologies ConsciousMan, perhaps I've confused your post with another, there's a lot to keep up on here. Agreed it's important not to get caught up in the hopelessness of it, at some point focusing on the horror bleeds valuable energy from the solution. Thanks for sharing of yourself, I can read just fine, and don't mind reading books. As for getting away from the typing, computers, and even talking, I'm anxiously awaiting telepathic communication so we can do away with this nonsense and just project to each other. Lol, but, seriously.
Friday 1 January 2016, 04:56:37
telephaty newer went no where. internet is telephaty my friends. because transfer of information is instant and its instant because its all one moment which change we percive like time. but the time is our construct. like every word. like every meaning. and when you are looking to internet you are looking on one version of colective mind. we just forgot that in our game of separation from everything.
Friday 1 January 2016, 08:20:07
Universal Citizen
I think having an open mind and respecting each others points of view are the two most important ingredients for an effective communication. To encourage more individuals' participation. Not the tendency to judge or discredit one's opinions on the subject.
Friday 1 January 2016, 12:49:25
[deleted user]

Don't be fooled by your filters Janta, just because you don't experience it, doesn't mean it went nowhere my friend. It's very much a real phenomena, and you are probably accessing it in ways that you don't even realize. The Internet is a slow, clunky, poorly implemented analog of the potential we have. I was half joking.
Friday 1 January 2016, 14:46:18
Oh this is an interesting turn of conversation. indeed we communicate in many different ways. Even the simple act of breathing is a kind of communication with our environment and the beings close to us. I would go as far as saying that existence is communication. It seems to be an innate process of life (and especially the human being) to invent or realize more ways of communication. That doesn't mean that all the other modes or scales of communication no longer exist. But in our zeal to realize these new forms perhaps we can become addicted to it (separating ourselves too far from the rest of creation) and so the process of natural selection takes its toll. Just thinking in text.
Friday 1 January 2016, 15:34:53
[deleted user]
Nice thoughts there Bro. They have energy, but no mass, power that can't be measured on some meter. Far too few people realize that thoughts don't just stay in your mind, they project, and they affect the world around you. Wouldn't it be nice if we could project our images, ideas, feelings, and intent to another being? Ha, but that's impossible. Anyway the art of communication is just that, an art. It's something I'm rusty at, and I'm grateful to all of you good people here for your ideas, thoughts, words, and these exchanges.
Friday 1 January 2016, 15:59:59
but my dear shaman...........we are doing that all the time. but people dont realize that is like that all the time. so they think that abuse, ridicule, messing with someone in any way stays only betwene thous two participants. BUT THEY DONT STAY JUST THERE. THEY ARE AFFECTING ALL OF US. and you just solved the problem with this reality my friend with out understanding that you solved. tell me friend.......if people understand that.........will thay continuoe to bahave in their standard paterns...........who trows astone you clapit by at list 100 stones...........NO WAY.
Friday 1 January 2016, 17:22:44
To be or not to be.. Yes it is happening. We are just more or less conscious of it. But that is quite important wouldn't you say?
Friday 1 January 2016, 17:29:41
and friends............have you seen talks about flat earth on internet? what you think about that? im just the couriest being right now on this planet? if it is still a planet? you know........ha ha.
Friday 1 January 2016, 17:30:51
Honestly I think it is the most disconnected idea I have ever seen.. To reject the being of Earth / Gaia.. How horrible and obscene. Besides there is so many ways to observe it's spherical shape. Unless you believe that all of reality is an illusion. Then it doesn't much matter what you believe or even do. Smh..
Friday 1 January 2016, 17:39:34
everything is important my friend. how can be otherwise then that........if you will newer ever again stomble on that same thing. im so glad that the dynamic on this forum starts to evolve. im so glad of that. but im still in big preoccupation about all otherss aproximatly 2498 beings that that fals map showes that are on this forum but i dont see them. you know? wher are you guys? the same bunch is talking can allso join the circus. its funn
Friday 1 January 2016, 17:39:44
[deleted user]
In my opinion, the flat Earth theory is a giant disinformation campaign, meant to lead people down yet another dark alley. In the words of Walter Russell, "...I purchasing a textbook of science to familiarize myself with the present state of scientific knowledge, for before my illumination I knew nothing whatsoever of science. To my amazement I found that the entire cosmogenetic theory of science was so unlike God and Nature, that, while reading it, I felt that these laws, hypotheses, and other conclusions could not possibly have been written by men of our day, for they were so far afield from fact they seemed more like the conjuring of ancient sages who told of the flat earth upheld at its four corners by huge elephants as their cosmogenetic concept."
Friday 1 January 2016, 23:29:18
nice quote my friend
Saturday 2 January 2016, 01:02:18
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