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MUST SEE : Legalese explained !!! Commerce & Maritime admiralty [...]

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MUST SEE : Legalese explained !!! Commerce & Maritime admiralty law !!!
[deleted user]
Jordan Maxwell, a master of symbolic interpretation. Good one Treeze, more people need to understand this information! This is so very important. We'll never get anywhere working within the legal system, confined by government law, using their currency, and jumping through their hoops. The only effective solution to combating the control systems is to first understand what is happening to us, and then we must refuse to participate on all levels. This is dangerous, it will take an enormous amount of bravery, your very existence will be put in peril. There must be solidarity, we must be willing to support each other, because once you refuse to participate, the rug will be pulled from under you.
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 16:17:33
We need to see what they are distracting us from aswell. I don't think we can 'win' just by knowing what we are against. As you say SE the rug will be pulled from under us and if we have nothing to support us we will fall. Solidarity is part of this truth beyond the uncovered deception but it comes out of a deeper truth we must have some experience of. The connection within each of us to the great spirit / collective consciousness / Oneness etc. Our center of individual sovereignty. If we don't give ourselves time to feel this and focus too much on uncovering the deception we become lost and disillusioned even to the point of suicide. Who knows how many beautiful freethinkers and truth seekers we have lost this way.. So yes I agree but urge everyone to make some time to enjoy the beauty of nature and discover the true truth inside through meditation and mindfulness.
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 16:49:20
[deleted user]
Well said, and I agree. You must learn to find the Joy in life. Laugh, often. We live in serious times, and the stakes are no less than the continued existence as a free people. But surviving without living is no life at all. This is where art and community comes in. I'm not recommending people form survivalist communes, well, actually, I am, but not in the traditional sense. We don't need to stockpile guns and stale rations. We need wholesome food, clean water, good medicine, beauty, music, people to laugh, dance, and share with, and the time to just be. What you've said here ConsciousMan is vital to achieving the bravery we need to do this. Know yourself.
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 17:19:05
[deleted user]
Somebody posted a link to this video a while back, it's worth posting, and reposting.…
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 17:19:37
Great point on community and enjoying shared moments of life. Song and dance. Art and storytelling. It is such a deep aspect of what it is to be human. Thanks for the video and conversation, I will watch it.
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 17:26:57
[deleted user]
Also relevant to this conversation, as well as your question about technology:…
Thursday 31 December 2015, 06:19:44
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