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Hi Bonitas! I am in the East Bay, but it [...]

Hayward, California
via SotR - United States - San Francisco Bay Area
Hi Bonitas! I am in the East Bay, but it is close enough Looking forward to meeting the group!
Hey lovely one, be blessed, we are worldwide spreading and growing :)
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 13:06:10
Thank you Aimi <3!! Much LUV to you!!
Saturday 2 January 2016, 23:10:13
Hello Brisita, here in San Jose 🌀🌹💕Dana
Sunday 10 January 2016, 21:28:19
Hi ! Megan here..from Petaluma
Tuesday 12 January 2016, 05:51:47
Great Dana! We are not that far away!
Sunday 17 January 2016, 06:36:56
Megan, there is a fantastic Sunday meditation group in Sebastopol. If you feel inclined to meeting them, Iet me know and I can connect you. I sometimes drive all the way up there.
Sunday 17 January 2016, 06:38:04
Sunday 17 January 2016, 06:38:05
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