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Hi everyone, Im looking to meet new awakened friends [...]

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Hi everyone, Im looking to meet new awakened friends possibly in my area and help others!
Which area? There are many.. I am all over continental US
Tuesday 29 December 2015, 11:04:49
Allie RVA
Let's connect! I'm in US too but internet makes the world much closer. :-)
Tuesday 29 December 2015, 16:04:43
Mark R
I am in St. Louis, Missouri.
Tuesday 29 December 2015, 23:47:21
Allie RVA
Im in Richmond, VA. i plan to pull members of my local community together to identify our resources (ie who grows food, who can make clean water, who can build things, who can document things, etc....) during times of unexpected duress. also going to pull together leaders from nearby communities together so we can learn from each other and be more effective, perhaps share resources.
Tuesday 29 December 2015, 23:54:38
hiya. I'm not local but i'm in the UK, would be most keen to connect with you.
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 12:15:43
Hi all Im in UK in the South West , Thanks for the replies ! I think the internet brings people together and also helps people awaken and grow, Hope you all have a fantastic new year and much love xxx
Thursday 31 December 2015, 22:01:26
And you. 2016 is a big year for us all
Saturday 2 January 2016, 09:09:23
yes to all that- let's support each other best we can
Sunday 31 January 2016, 15:07:43
We need to be strong and not fall for the lies of msm! Eat well, and live honestly also get in touch with our intuition and set an example for our children <3
Monday 1 February 2016, 18:37:23
you've said it- be strong in yourself, through conscious choices, be well and stay in balance- we will attract the right humans- begin with one! a gather of two!
Monday 1 February 2016, 20:07:56
Sounds like a wonderful dream for humanity
Monday 1 February 2016, 22:39:14
dreams are schemes for what shall be
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 01:12:35
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