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Engineered Floods in the north of england ~ Im in [...]

West Yorkshire
via The Full Circle Project
Engineered Floods in the north of england ~ Im in the middle of these floods ~on a hill. Hebden Bridge was badly affected in 2012/13 ~ now no insurance of houses cos its too expensive .
Harry Rhodes shows Haarp and EMF weather manipulation.…
Calder Valley Flood Support…
My page with flood videos and pictures on…
The same problem that caused the flooding on the Somerset Levels last year Lizzi,a lack of watercourse management causing the slower moving parts of rivers to silt up making for very flooded flood plains
Monday 28 December 2015, 00:34:06
Yes Guzzibob ~ i wondered about that. All those MP's with their shiny new Hunter wellies wading around Somerset for photo ops. I wonder if Harry's done a satellite/EMF video at that time. But maybe he wasn't into HAARP then. Cameron's in Hebden Bridge/Mythomroyd today to look at their handwork. I'm trying to workout how people 'pay' for things to get their lives back together with 'promissory notes', Bills of Exchange and 'Acceptance for Value' from your birth bond. (Cestiu Que La Vie trust ~ as Max Egan and Land mention.)
Monday 28 December 2015, 12:12:22
John & Debbie
Hi Lizzi, thanks for the links, we have been trying to expose Geoengineering/ HAARP for around seven years now, it certainly doesn't get any easier. We haven't come across Harry Rhodes before so a big thankyou! Very informative indeed, great stuff! :)
Monday 28 December 2015, 16:07:12
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