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I am working very hard to stay positive and empower [...]

Lithia, Florida
via The Full Circle Project
I am working very hard to stay positive and empower others in this incredible period of awakening. We have been transitioning for years, but there is a major wave headed our way. We need to keep connecting with each other, sharing, supporting and building local networks to effect positive change. I am very excited to have found The Full Circle Project.
Audi One Vision
Great to meet you Gina. Yes waves are coming and they are only getting bigger and more intense. As humanity awakens on mass which is happening through divine universal intervention and healing of the earth. There are 2 waves coming, an awakening wave and false flags for control and fear emotion harvesting of humanity from the control system trying to prevent the awakening. be strong and go within yourself, work on and get to know your higher self via an inward spiritual journey, just doing that is enough for changing the world through your energy and vibration you are putting back out in the universe, these vibrations and energy will assist others in awakening.
Tuesday 30 June 2015, 05:10:16
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