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Well, being there are no groups down my way.. I [...]

Colorado Springs, Colorado
via PFC North Colorado
Well, being there are no groups down my way.. I am here to help.. I see there are only 5 members at this moment.. I am not any kind of public speaker.. I am doing all I can through meditation with in my I can sense when they are needing a pick up. Some days its over bearing..I have contacted many banks and legislatures concerning the info we were asked to do. Isnt it odd no reply of any kind :/ My immediate family are still asleep. As for my neighbors.. Perhaps I can shine knowledge for those close to me. am thankful for the thinning veil Can some one here explain to me where the lack of coordination is? Do you mean no one is standing up to take the reigns here in CO?
Someone just did.
Wednesday 23 December 2015, 22:28:38
I have just subscribed to a group through Google plus that may help gear the momentum up some. They seem to be more active with a larger amount of followers here in Colorado. Add me on Google plus or talk to Dane about the invite. FB and
Google plus Shawn Duteil.
Friday 25 December 2015, 00:08:05
I must use from the universe of non physical beings / light / high latitude alien race Buddha energy -- spell (Heart Sutra and Vajrayana the Shurangama mantra, etc.) to blessings and the sun shines on the earth beings and ruthless, related and unrelated all living creatures and the earth. I, golden bright, China from Shenzhen city.
Tuesday 29 December 2015, 13:33:16
Blessings to you, and the Sun shines on all of us. All are One, all hearts become one in the Victory of the Light.
Wednesday 30 December 2015, 00:27:50
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