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Good morning from the beautiful woods of East Texas! I [...]

Van, Texas
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Good morning from the beautiful woods of East Texas!
I am in awe of all the posts here just since I joined yesterday! I love that we are all on a search for "like minded people" and have found them here! I went and checked out Zengardener, as Starfall suggested, and realized that is where I originally was, that brought me here! For probably the first time in my life, I feel I'm in an inspiring circle instead of a "vicious" one! So the name chosen for this group fits perfectly into my life! I've checked the map and don't see anyone close to me. So how do I share this with those that are not "fully" awake but just starting to realize? As I meantioned in my first post, I don't really know anyone with the extent of thoughts and feelings I have, the few I know that are starting to wake up are not at all ready to be a part of the change. There are a few that listen intently and agree with me but just aren't ready. I'm not sure how to help them further their "waking" process. Even though I am very verbal in my feelings, I've never been one to want to push my thoughts or beliefs on another. I feel like people are getting tired of my posts on Facebook about what is/will happen. But I will continue to voice and write about them no matter what. I would just love to be able to help others in their process. I love to write and have always been told I have the ability to write what others are feeling. I do believe I am an empath. I have always been drawn to anyone that society deems "less than, downtrodden, not good enough, different". And feel it is my duty to stand up for those that are different, shy, or unable to defend themselves. I would love any direction I can get from y'all on how to further help or inform those around me in a positive way. I am so happy that I do not have to feel alone anymore! Peace and love to all!!
That's heartening to hear Misty! I quickly realised that even attempting to 'awaken' people is futile, they are too far assimilated to even listen properly. You can see the glaze-over of the eyes and the mental barriers slamming down at every other word. I don't have an answer as to 'how' you can help facilitate a change in other individuals, but needless to say, it would be frugal to strengthen your own conviction, health and mental stability. That is my current focus, other than trying to network with others in whatever way is feasible. Detoxing, both physically and mentally is a fantastic way of bringing clarity of thought and stability/harmony of the self. From there I imagine answers will begin to surface and ideas evolve. The moment I immerse myself within the beauty of nature, I no longer care about those I have 'lost' to the system, they are simply not ready. Many folk I speak to 'believe' themselves to be awake, but it is clear that they are still clinging onto something, either through fear or necessity and it's sad to feel helpless towards them. I guess we need to just go our own way, form new connections and immerse ourselves only with what feels 'true'. Much love and peace to you.
Monday 29 June 2015, 17:38:53
Misty B
That sounds like a perfect idea! Continuing my journey of enlightenment and healing my inner self is a very strong need of mine. That might just be my way of helping others, not by talking but by showing.
I'm getting a lot from reading other posts here. I just posted to Facebook last week that I don't know what to do with all my feelings, here, I believe I've found help and encouragement to pursue what is right and know I'm not alone in those feelings or actions!
Monday 29 June 2015, 18:08:12
zen is kicking ass and I hope he has the stamina to keep up his pace. Running a high traffic site like his is exhausting. I know first hand. Us older guys need younger people to hand the baton to. I think that is a lot about what this platform is about.
Monday 29 June 2015, 19:26:04
Audi One Vision
Great work mate, I am happy to chat as the more I awaken and stay on top of the ball I find myself isolated in the community because I know longer resonate with the current way of life, values, purpose, beliefs and so on. I feel completely different and zero resonation unless it is like minded and same purpose driven spiritual beings like my self. It has been tough to deal with but I am able to plough through and tackle the issues we face from within this matrix. I go in and out as I can no longer stay in the matrix full time anymore.I go in I mentor, assist and work towards my mission and purpose, but after a length of time I have to retreat back into nature and around others that are same to regroup, energies and go back in.
Tuesday 30 June 2015, 04:28:13
Audi One Vision
This is why it is easy for us to get the urge of just packing up and living in a cabin on a mountain in nature away from this reality, I tried that but I couldn't help feeling compassion for the people that are locked in and can't get out. So I end up going up and down the mountain :)
Tuesday 30 June 2015, 04:31:08
I'm so warmed, reading your posts, Misty! And to those who've commented, too: Thanks everyone for letting me see that there are others who think and feel much like me. (>**)><(**<)
Wednesday 1 July 2015, 19:37:11
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