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Hello from Iowa. It's nice to know there are other [...]

Nevada, Iowa
via The Full Circle Project
Hello from Iowa. It's nice to know there are other like minded people in the world. I know the world needs to change and the only way to change it is to first change myself. Thank you to whoever started this project.
Hi Ron, change is inevitable, as I'm sure we all know, mastering those changes in a concerted and enlightened direction requires the right 'diet', good company, good counsel, and continual effort. When one considers the effort required to go against ones innate intelligence and the powers of discrimination within that alert us to what is good and bad, wrong and right - in others words for us to allow ourselves to be conditioned to act against what is often our natural inclination, to be decent, honest, fair and humane - an inward struggle occurs in which much energy is consumed. Some call this cognitive dissonance, Orwell referred to it as 'double-think' - a thing that 'order followers' and politicians do habitually. This dissonance is the seed of a grave problem that manifests as all sorts of pyscho emotional and spiritual malady as we age. In a sense, we gradually give ourselves over to less than benign forces until acting against our nature becomes habitual. When the habits atrophy and become programmed reflexes, acting correctly becomes foreign to our subverted minds - to overcome this we have to unlearn many things which we were forced into accepting or failed to question - by re examining our automated thinking - our conditioning and unraveling it, gently if possible, gradually, in stages, the light will subsume the darkness.
Monday 29 June 2015, 00:02:42
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