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We are a nation in need of one accord. we [...]

Conn, Ontario
via The Full Circle Project
We are a nation in need of one accord. we are scared to speak out,because we can and will be labled as trouble makers who consiqently will be tagged by the government. This puts our family in jepordy of being put on the watch list. The children are being poisoned by a education system that is flawed by lies and misinformation. Our water supply is poisoned by floride that is banned in other countries. Our food supply is poisoned with preservatives that are banned in other countries. The Social media i full of misinformation that is directed at our children and adults. TV in General is full of advirtisements and shows that are made specifically to indoctronate the population. The general health of our population is in a dismal shape mentally and phisically. Greed and hate is perpituated by a misinformed population. We are being lied too. People are in genereral lethalgic when it comes to caring or doing anything to change. We have no say that counts. We have no voice. The population is distracted easily and laws and rights are being broken.
We simply have to call a spade a spade - as you have in your post - modify the language if need be - be diplomatic if necessary, but get the message across - "..we ain't taking this anymore!" By every metric conceivable the way of the system is destructive to sentience of any kind. Be a friction to the machine, take your money out of the banks, do not invest where possible in anything that promotes war, strife and artifice. Let people know what you feel when appropriate - which nowadays is frequent. COMPLAIN when you see injustice. And where you cannot or feel unable to move forward with just acts support those who can and do. Freedom, is a whole thing, it cannot be given in increments, anyone that says it can is deceiving you - in that mode though, we need the cosel of the wise, whether it be Ghandi, Dr King, Max Igan, or whoever - this is the perennial challenge - but first, we have to make a stand. Be Well, Seb
Sunday 28 June 2015, 20:00:50
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