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Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
comment from the above video :
Thanks for the upload. 5G Technology is in my opinion, an "End Game" tool that will be used in secrecy, to control and or exterminate all humans, that fall within the coverage and range of 5G frequencies. While health effects on all humans and animal life is expected, most ignore the fact that 5G is at present being put into place around the nation, without the public's knowledge or concern for their public health. This alone says to me, that they already know the negative health effects, because they know that 5G technology is a covert electronic warfare tool, that can be focused on the public, or anyone that falls within the umbrella coverage of the 5G frequency range. The 5G technology can and most likely will be used for nefarious purposes, but it can also be used to keep all humans and animals out of any 5G controlled geographic area of control. It is a weapon that can be used against it's lawful citizens as well as any invading enemy Army that might come along. Anyway, I am certain 5G will become more important over time as we learn more and more about its negative health effects and other dark uses. Thanks again. My best regards.
Tuesday 27 June 2017, 18:13:07
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